12 September 2007

The Wall

Saturday afternoon I finished up my volunteer duties for America Supports You and headed to my hotel to get checked in. I called a friend of mine who is currently active duty to see if she wanted to grab a bite and hang out for a while. We chatted and set up a meeting time.

I checked in, grabbed a shower, dressed and headed out to Silver Spring. There's a bar in Adams Morgan I visit when I'm in DC cause it's owned by a veteran who has donated a lot of time and money to the wounded warriors at Walter Reed.

I drove up Columbia Road and apparently my vision isn't as good as it once was cause I didn't see the entrance to the bar. So I grabbed my phone and called another veteran who would know if the bar was gone or just still very well hidden.

He assured me the bar was still there, and then the phone went cold, my heart skipped, and I saw red.
"Someone vandalized The Wall last night" he said.
"What? They did WHAT?!?!?!"
"Someone vandalized The Wall last night"
"What did they do?" My heart was beating like a freight train and I swear I almost had to pull over.
"They poured some sort of oil on it. About 30 panels and the curb at the base."
"Have you seen it?" I asked.
"No" he says, "but a National Park volunteer did and he says it's everywhere."

Now, anyone who remembers last March knows that the threat of vandalism, especially to the Wall and other Memorials was what prompted about 30,000 veterans to put their lives on hold and come to DC in the freezing cold.

I have friends on that Wall. Good friends who died in the sweltering heat and stench of the jungle and this is now personal.

The scum sucking low life retarded no class a**hole SOB who did this is beneath contempt, not deserving of anything except a rope and a tree.

Sunday morning, as people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to remember the 3,000+ victims of another bunch of scum sucking low life retarded no class a**hole SOB's, I investigated the damage. It's true.

The oil appears to be a light weight type, probably brake fluid or similar. It has no smell, and it does not appear to have damaged the polished granite, but the names are etched into the granite creating very porous crevices which have soaked up the substance and caused them to become as dark as the surrounding granite. There are also scratches in some areas.

Vets are a testy bunch. We tend to take care of our own, no matter where they are or how they got there. This act of disrespect to our Veterans, to their memory, and to our Country just shows the mindset of some of those on the left. We will not allow this to happen to any other Memorials. Anyone contemplating future actions of this type needs to have their affairs in order, and a list of preferred burial sites. Because if we catch you, you won't have time to arrange them.

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