16 September 2007

Short Post to Say Thanks

Thank You Michelle for coming out to Walter Reed in the rain Friday night. What an honor it was to meet this dynamo in person. The hug and kiss made my year. Hell, my life is complete.
I could die right now, it wouldn't matter. Sell my clothes I'm going to Heaven.

Thanks again to everyone who came out in the rain. You folks are heroes one and all. Never doubt for a moment that your presence on that street Friday night increased the morale of the brave wounded healing in that hospital by a factor of 1000. Trust me, I know.

A HUGE Thank You to John and Beth at Castle Arrrgh. John informed at the last minute that he suddenly found a reason to be in Washington DC this weekend.

You can read John's here
This was just WAYCOOL. Scroll down a bit, but you have GOT to read the Armorer's AAR from the Rally. I'm still laughing. Jeeez John....

While the turnout Friday night was beyond what we normally get, I was a tad disappointed Saturday.

NOT discouraged, just disappointed. My estimate is 4K. I wanted 15K. I prayed for a repeat of 17 March which was 35K.
God answers all prayers, sometimes the answer is no.

We gave em hell as always; made our point; delivered our message.
They know they can't show up without opposition anymore.

More later...but guys, I have to tell you, every one of you is a hero to me.
I love each and every one of you as if you were bloodkin. You are all my brothers and sisters.


Tanker Babe in TN said...

GREAT to see you! Always good to spend time with a Patriot like you rain, snow (March) or shine (Saturday). I, too was very disappointed with the number of Eagles on Saturday but....

Hey, email me at tankerbabelc@gmail.com. I can't find your email addy on your blog.

Hugs back to you and more thanks than you can imagine for ALL that you do!

Oh, I gave your message to MG. He's doing fine and says to thank you.

Anonymous said...

NOW we all have to remember too CB!

NEXT TIME!! What will we do NEXT TIME!!!:

WE who WERE there at D.C.- who made the VERY Small, Insignificant Effort as compared to what Efforts/Scarifices our TROOPS are making by Their Service ALL OVER the World; where ever they might be serving!, WE must remeber that We Saw First Hand the Great Results made this weekend concerning our TurnOut!

While there are various levels and even contradictory ones, concerning to what "I" have called a Very Damn Great Success in the Total Turn Out Saturday: Along the Traitous Liberals Parade-and their sad, Anti-America exhibition on the Capital Lawn- we DID make a Very Good IMPACT with those Senate/Congress that ; Have seen from their Staffers and Have been watching the news from the various News Reports and Sites even such as THIS Great One Here!

The Senate/Congress are NOT "Stupid" : (unless their staffers/interns give them a watered down version of the events!)

---They KNOW the make-up and who/what Groups were "Represented" by the Anti-War Marchers! They SAW that 80% PLUS were ..well..for a better word I will use " Kids "; so Wet behind their ears they actually were carrying " End the Draft! " signs without questioning even the very Content of the signs that were Handed to them.

The POLITICIANS who-if Smart Enough to KNOW they want to keep their own seats & positions of Power- that the Anti-War signs were Massed produced! (by who they even know too!)

And COMPARED to Us, in the FACE of the Liberal-Supporting Media calling US "Pro-WAR" Rather than knowing we are PRO-"Troop" and "Defense", KNOW that when they see OUR Side of this Debate:

Just ONE of us: ONE of us down there ANYWHERE In D.C., Represenating and GATHERING down there this weekend was worth any TWO HUNDRED of Those who had their BUSES, TRAINS, HOTELS, SIGNS and Way PAID for them!!

I know damn well tha Sen. McCain knew it when HE saw us at NBC Studios!

Anyhow-OUR Next Comments Should be-and the VERY NEXT QUESTION that we all should be asking ourselves & our Clubs is:

We'll DOUBLE & TRIPLE the Numbers at our NEXT RALLY/EVENT!! At Least Concerning any Future WASHINGTON Rally!

We had Better IF we are to Retain ANY Consistancy , Retain any Earned RESPECT we may have received and PROVE That not only are we in earnest concerning our interests and desires FROM our Elected Representatives! But to ALSO Prove that THIS WAS NOT merely a " One-Time-Deal "! to Them-Ourselves and all OTHERS who may want to join in the future!

it is to Those who Stayed home-those "on the fense"; unsure and shy-who will have LEARNED and Hopefully gathered some courage from watching US to make it to join us for the NEXT TIME!

"IF" we show up next time with LESS Numbers than this past Rally- and those who DID come out to join us see that lack of support? What are we saying? To ourselves, to them-To AMERICA who will be watching! Let alone our Representatives.

"I" Called thsi rally the " Are You Listening Washington?!" Tour cause THAT is what it really was!

Next Time-we can NOT afford to do any less.

God Bless you Concrete Bob for your dedication, drive but MOST Importantly; for the Fine EXAMPLE you & all others had shown by their Scarifice in coming this past weekend.

I myself plan to " Come home With my Shield or On It " before 08' is over and done. But at LEAST I will Continue to go back Into the Battle! til I am carried out.

Darth Airborne