20 September 2007

Listen to the Parents Listen to the Soldiers

You can learn a lot.

In a previous post regarding my adventures in NJ, I alluded to a Freedom's Watch commercial due out this week. That commercial is now running.

It features the parents and younger brother of 2Lt John Thomas Wrobelewski. 2/4 Marines

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Wrobelewski, and his remaining son at the Freedom Concert. Not only did I meet them, I was honored that he allowed me to hang out with them backstage during the concert. We spoke of the war, the soldiers, his son, how he died, and he told me of the trip he took to Iraq to visit the site where his son died fighting the terrorists; fighting to give the Iraqis the same choices we take for granted.

The man speaks for me. I think I speak for him. We agreed on every point. I have no doubt that 2Lt John Thomas Worbelewski would tell you the same thing.

We cannot allow the scarifices of these brave warriors, and the sacrifices of the parents and loved ones, to be in vain. We will never let them be forgotten.

We MUST win this war against the forces who would destroy us if given the opportunity. We MUST NOT give up on the fight, we MUST NOT give in to the extemeist elements of the liberal left in this country who would make this a repeat of the political defeat we suffered in Viet Nam.

The political defeat in Viet Nam cost 57,000+ American lives and millions of Cambodian lives.

A political defeat in Iraq will cost much more; it will be the end of democracy;
the end of freedom; the end of free will; and the beginning of the end of Western Civilization.

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Tracy said...

I'm glad you were able to talk to this parent. We need to listen to our soldiers and their families.