27 September 2007

A Message from Chris Hill

WASHINGTON – House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement this afternoon after the House overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning “in the strongest possible terms” MoveOn.org’s personal attacks on General David Petraeus, as well as honoring “all members of the Armed Forces,” and their families, for “serving in harm’s way.” Seventy-nine Democrats voted against it.

“It’s been more than two weeks since the Republican Leader introduced a resolution condemning MoveOn’s personal smear campaign against Gen. Petraeus, and nearly a week since the Senate passed its own version and the House majority leader told me he had no intention of allowing a similar vote in our chamber.

“Today, we took matters into our own hands, forcing the House to take up a resolution repudiating these personal attacks, and reaffirming our support for and gratefulness to the men and women serving our country in harm’s way.

“Given the chance, more than three-quarters of the House went on record today in support of our Armed Forces, and in recognition of the extreme sacrifices they and their families make for our country on daily basis. My only disappointment is that a message as important and clear-cut as this couldn’t attract the support of every member of this chamber.”

NOTE: The House Committee on Foreign Affairs took up a similar resolution earlier in the day, returning a vote of 23-13 in favor of quashing the Petraeus resolution and preventing it from even being considered in committee. Many of those members voting in the affirmative came down differently on the issue when presented with the matter on the House floor.

Commentary on the motion by Chris Hill, Gathering of Eagles National Director for Operations:

The motion recognized the service of General Petraeus, as well as all other members of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel serving in harm’s way, as well as their families. It also condemned in the strongest possible terms the personal attacks made by the advocacy group MoveOn.org impugning the integrity and professionalism of General Petraeus.

79 Democrats opposed the resolution. Their names are below. If your member of Congress is listed below, call and ask them why they refuse to support our men and women in uniform. Ask them if this is what they mean when they say “I support the troops.” These 79 members of Congress had the chance to publicly support the troops, or support their cash cow MoveOn.org. They chose the latter. This is why we have to turn out in the streets. This is why we have to stalk the halls of Congress. This is why our mission to support our men and women in uniform hinges on each and every one of us. When elected officials will not even disavow a repugnant ad put out by an anti-American organization it is time for us, the Gathering of Eagles and our fellow patriots in other organizations, to remind them that they work for us.

The 79 members of Congress listed below sided with those who call our brave warriors war criminals. They sided with those who call the commanding general in Iraq a traitor. In short, they decided that it was better to have funds from an organization that believes in destroying our American way of life, than it was to stand up for those who have so bravely stood up for all of us. If this sounds eerily familiar to many of you it should. It is the same model used by the anti-American movement 40 years ago. Our men and women in uniform are under attack. The memorials to our war dead are under attack. Our very way of life is under attack, and it starts with these 79. Don’t let them get away with it again.


Abercrombie (HI) Ackerman(NY) Allen(MA) Baldwin(WI) Becerra(CA) Berman(CA)Blumenauer(OR) Brown, Corrine(FL) Capuano(MA) Castor(FL) Clarke(NY) Clay(MISSOURI) Cohen(TN) Conyers(MICH) Crowley(NY) Davis (IL) DeGette(COL)Ellison(MINN) Filner(CA) Frank (MA) Green, Al(TX) Grijalva(AZ) Gutierrez(FL)Hastings (FL) Hinchey(NY) Hirono (HI) Holt(NJ) Honda(NJ) Inslee(WA) Jackson-Lee (TX) Jefferson(LA) Johnson (GA) Jones (OH) Kilpatrick(MI) Kucinich(OH) Lee(CA)Lewis (GA) Lofgren, Zoe(CA) Markey(MA) Matsui(CA) McDermott (WA)McGovern (MA) Meek (FL) Michaud(ME) Miller (NC) Miller, George(CA) Moore (WI) Moran (VA) Nadler(NY) Neal (MA) Olver(MA) Pallone(NJ) Payne (NJ) Price (NC) Rush(IL) Ryan (OH) Sánchez, Linda T. (CA) Schakowsky(IL) Scott (VA)Serrano(NY) Sherman(CA) Slaughter(NY) Solis(CA) Stark(CA) Tierney(MA) Towns(NY) Van Hollen (MD) Velázquez(NY) Wasserman Schultz(FL) Waters(CA) Watson(CA)Watt (NC) - MY REPWaxman (CA) Weiner(NY) Wexler(FL) Woolsey(CA) Wynn(MO) Yarmuth (KY)

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