23 September 2007

Rep. Peter King: Troops Furious at Hillary Over MoveOn Ad

From NewsMax.com

If you think the troops aren't paying attention, think again.

American troops in Iraq are in a “rage” over Hillary Clinton and other Democrats’ failure to condemn the MoveOn.org ad calling General David Petraeus “General Betray Us.”

That’s the word from Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican who recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In an interview with talk radio host Steve Malzberg, King said what struck him most about the troops in Iraq was how closely they are following politics in the U.S., and how angry they are over the Democrats’ reaction to the MoveOn.org ad.

King said he had lunch with several female soldiers at a base in Iraq and they were “furious at the Democrats for not denouncing the ad and for what was said about General Petraeus.

“This has been noticed by the troops,” King told Malzberg.

“They specifically mentioned Hillary Clinton, being angry at her, and the Democrats in general for not denouncing MoveOn.org. It went beyond a political anger — it was
a rage.”

The MoveOn.org ad — which appeared in the New York Times — charged Petraeus with “cooking the books for the White House” when he delivered his Iraq report on Sept. 10.

“To imply that Petraeus is a liar — MoveOn called him a traitor!” said King. “I was struck by the intensity of the anger from these people.”

King said some of the soldiers who had previously supported Clinton’s presidential bid no longer did.

King also criticized New York Sen.
Charles Schumer, who said that the level of violence in Iraq’s Anbar province was down “despite the ‘surge,’ not because of it.” He suggested that the American troops couldn’t “get the job done,” so tribal leaders took up the fight against the insurgents themselves.

Schumer is “totally wrong,” King declared.

He said the tribes took action to fight the insurgents only after they saw the U.S. step up efforts in Anbar.

So take a lesson. The troops, contrary to what sKerry has said about their level of education, are reading the news, reading our blogs, and paying attention.
The least we can do is give them something to read besides the trash and tripe spewing from the mouths of the so-called "troop supporters" on the left.

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