29 September 2006

My Weekend Plans

DC Protest Warrior
This weekend will be a milestone for me. This weekend I will be attending my first political rally in support of a candidate for elected office, and it's not even in my state.

The rally is in support of Diana Irey, candidate for the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. This seat is currently held by that back-stabbing, code pink supporting, scum-sucking ex-Marine, John "Cut and Run" Murtha.
I'd like to tell you how I really feel about him, but this is a family oriented blog.
First on the agenda, though, is a visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center Friday night and seeing some of my buds. We'll wind-up going to Hal Kosters new place in NW DC, and this week I will NOT drink like Prohibition will be in effect on Saturday. Uh Huh..Riiiighttt. (My best Bill Cosby).
Hal has a little foundation called

which pays for the Friday night dinners the wounded soldiers and their families have come to enjoy. Hal started this Friday night outing back in 2003. Hal is a Viet Nam veteran, and a really great guy. You can help Hal by sending a small donation. The address is posted on the website. Just click the link, write down the address, write your check, and drop it in the mail. You'll be helping a worthy cause. I know, because I've had the privilege of being in attendance at a few of these dinners, and the troops love it.

Saturday, I will leave DC early and drive up to Shanksville, PA. In case you haven't been paying attention for the last five years, Shanksville PA is the site where the first heroes in our War on Terror found their final resting place.
Todd, Jeremy, Mark and the others aboard Flight 93, Rest In Peace. This Nation owes you a debt which can never be re-paid.
I will meet up with a few of my FReeper FRiends, and some motorcycle riders around 1130 hours and we will pay our respects to those who spent the final minutes of their lives fighting to save our Nation's Capital. We can only speculate as to the intended target but, since my niece was in DC that day, it's irrelevant in my mind. They saved her life. That's all I need to know.
Word on the forum is code pink is there protesting the Flight 93 Memorial.
What a bunch of losers.
Isn't it bad enough they feel they have to protest the War on Terror in front of a military hospital?
Can't these moonbats find jobs? Do they have to protest EVERYTHING???
Well, I'll ask them when I get there. Politely of course...uh huh Riiiiiight. A$$HATS. oops. did I say that out loud???

Then, it's on to Johnstown, PA, for a pre-rally
rally. I'm not sure how rowdy this one will get, but with a bunch of former Marine Southern rednecks paired with some of PA's finest Yankees, a good time is garrrronnnnteed.

I'll have more after the weekend is over, assuming I can remember what happened of course.
I guess I should take some pictures.
Would ya'll like some pictures??
Lets see a show of hands. One, two, ...two...two...c'mon, guys...everybody likes pictures..
Let's ROLL!!!!!!

26 September 2006

DC Protest Warrior

DC Protest Warrior
Well, the United States Marine Corps Heritage Center at Quantico, VA is almost ready.
I've been on an ancillary project, the widening of the southbound lane of US Route 1 at the intersection of Joplin Road for a turn lane into, and an acceleration lane out of the Heritage Center, for the better part of two months.
As always, working a VDOT project has its benefits and drawbacks. I won't go into either. Never know who's reading these posts.
Suffice it to say, I'm ready to move on to bigger and better things, but I've enjoyed the time I've spent at the Crossroads of the Marine Corps. I love turning around and seeing US Marines everywhere. I've never felt safer.
I apologize to everyone for the trafic delays, the rough pavement, and the seeming lack of any coherent plan. Thats part of the plan.
The Heritage Center will be ready to open on 10 November 2006 as planned. The traffic will be a nightmare, but only because there will be about 100,000 people crammed into a relatively small space.
If you're going to the opening, plan to be there early. Me, I wouldn't be within 100 miles of that place unless you dropped me in by Huey, or CH60.
Speaking of which, a CH46 came over last week and hovered over the Sisson Cemetary for about 5 minutes at about 100 feet. Impressive aircraft. Very noisy and windy. I managed to get one picture as it flew off in a southerly direction.
Helicopters are nothing unusual around Quantico, and I've seen Marine One several times, in addition to Blackhawks and Hueys. No Cobra's yet, darnit. I guess they're all in Iraq and Afghanistan.
You'll notice that the link above takes you to a different site. There's a reason for that. I want anyone who happens upon this blog to be able to see and read what DC Protest Warrior is all about, and to remember that our military is the reason we are free.
The sacrifices these young men and women make are beyond a simple "Thank You".
I'll be updating the DC Protest Warrior site with pictures and links to sites where you can help.
Until the next time: