20 January 2010

DCProtestWarrior in Norfolk With NCGOE

DCProtestWarrior was on the ground with NCGOE on Tuesday supporting the SEAL 3. I met former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, candidate for Republican representative for the 2nd District of Virginia. This blog supports Scott Taylor. He has voluteered to continue to serve our Nation. OOOOOOOOOORAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

A huge THANK YOU and props to Dunkin Donuts for providing the hot coffee, donut holes and the cool cups. Above and beyond, friends.

Congressional Candidate Scott Taylor Attends Rallies for State Rights and our Troops

Virginia Beach, Virginia - 1/20/2010 -
Congressional candidate Scott Taylor recently attended rallies in support of state rights and our troops. The former was held in Richmond outside of the General Assembly as state lawmakers went back to work with heavy budgetary constraints. "As a representative of the people, I believe the Federal Government's power grab needs to be halted, if not slowed tremendously." said Taylor. "I fully support HB10 proposed by Delegate Bob Marshall in the Virginia House of Delegates. It is unconstitutional to force American citizens to purchase health care."

Taylor also helped to organize a rally in support of three Navy SEAL's who are facing trial for alleged assault on terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, who orchestrated the murder of four US Citizens and mutilated their bodies for the world to see. Two of the men facing trial have had their trials moved to Iraq, where a military tribunal will decide their fate. "We are standing by these brave men. I find it quite backwards that Washington will spend our tax dollars to send Navy SEAL's to Iraq to face a military tribunal, while at the same time spending tax dollars to send terrorists to New York to sit in civilian courts."

We would like to congratulate Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts on his impressive victory yesterday.

Scott Taylor is a former Navy SEAL, Iraq War-Veteran, and a small-business owner in Virginia Beach. He is currently running for the US Congress in Virginia's 2nd District. The district is comprised of Virginia Beach, Virginia's Eastern Shore and parts of Norfolk and Hampton Virginia.

14 January 2010

Jed Babbin-Founder of Human Events Asks the Big Question

Obama, the Weak Horse
by Jed Babbin

Soon upon us will be the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration. It’s time to ask, are we safer or in more danger than we were a year ago? By every objective measure -- what we know about Islamic terrorism, its intentions and capabilities -- the answer is no. We are far less safe now than we were then.

To ask how much danger are we in is fatuous. You may as well ask, “[H]ow much danger is there”? The president has taken actions that -- again objectively -- have increased our vulnerability tremendously. Two of the actions he took immediately after taking office prove the point. And the actions he and Attorney General Eric Holder have since taken only increase the danger.

Last week, White House counterterrorism czar John Brennan said that we would still, on a case by case basis, release Gitmo detainees to Yemen. This despite the facts that would-be underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was trained there by an al Queda cell that reportedly contains two Gitmo alumni and that the Yemenis released Jamal al-Badawi, one of the men responsible for the 2000 attack on the USS Cole.

“The Intelligence Committee has held a number of briefings and hearings in the past year that clearly demonstrate that the security situation in Yemen has deteriorated. Terrorists, including al Queda, have found Yemen to be a relative safe haven from which to plan attacks, both against Yemeni targets and externally. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on assurances that detainees transferred to Yemen for detention will be held securely until they no longer pose a threat.”

13 January 2010

Diana Nagy Is On With Andrea Shea King

Diana Nagy Is On With Andrea Shea King

I heard Diana sing live at the Carrillon.
I have a soft spot for this Lady.

The Andrea Shea King Show tonight at 9 ET
Our guest tonight -- singer songwriter Diana Nagy of Tea Party Express fame -- will participate in the commissioning ceremony when she sings our national anthem and her original song "Where Freedom Flies".

Diana has a very special connection to this latest addition to the Independence family, and tonight she'll tell us what that is.Join us for a special visit from a patriotic gal who has toured the nation with the Tea Party Express, entertaining fellow Americans at rallies across the country.Tonight she's ours!

10 January 2010

What Harry Really Said

"I sincerely apologize for being stupid enough to allow my true feelings for this upstart pretender to be documented. I've been Al Sharpton's bitch for years."

What Al said: "Harriet has been my bitch for years."

08 January 2010

Was Zero At Columbia? Some Say No

Just passing this along FWIW.

Rev. Manning says Obama was at an al Qaeda training camp from 1980-1983 and his Columbia diploma and transcripts were bought.


He says that his church and followers are holding a huge rally at the Columbia campus 7 blocks from Atlah church to demand the truth. James Allyn Root former liberatarian VP candidate, offered Obama $1million to show his transcripts, because as president of the ‘83 political science class at Columbia, he nor anyone else, remembers Obama ever going there. Of course Obama ignored the proposal. And Obama says he too graduated ‘83 political science.

Root said, “I think the most dangerous thing you should know about Barack Obama is that I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knows him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia. Ever!”

The lack of Columbia attachments and documents, falls in to the category of the “unspeakables” along with his obvious ineligibility because he was born and is still a British citizen, thus not a natural born citizen.

Obama campaigned for his “cousin” Raila Odinga in 2007, he is al Qaeda backed, also by oil billionaire al Bakari and Kadaffi. Odinga threatened genocide if he lost, which he did, and genocide ensued led by Odinga’s Luo thugs (Obama and Odinga are both Luo tribe members), wherein 3,000 Kenyans (mostly Christians) were hacked, raped, burned– murdered, and 300,000 were displaced; 50 women and children were burned alive in a church.

Odinga now shares a presidency with Kibaki, a compromise to make the genocide stop. Obama was a sitting US senator at the time he campaigned for Odinga, violating the Logan Act. He knew Odinga would incite genocide ahead of time, because Odinga threatened it openly. Kibaki said in the Kenyan press that Obama was “Odinga’s stooge”.

Obama recently gave $2.5million to oil rich Kadaffi. Odinga is a marxist who signed a pact to install sharia law in Kenya. Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan met with Kadaffi in Libya; Kadaffi is behind the U.S.Africa (United Statesof Africa) proxy wars throughout north Africa, meant to unite Africa under the umbrella of radical Islam, for they commit genocide on not only native Africans and Christians, but also non-fundamentalist Muslims. Darfur, Chad, Somalia, Yemen, Kenya etc. are now breeding grounds for radical Islam. Don’t expect Obama to interfere with this.



Snippits From the Patriot Post

Quote of the Week:
"America's founders intended the federal government to have limited powers and that the states have an independent sovereign place in our system of government. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi legislation to take control of the American health-care system is the most sweeping and intrusive federal program ever devised. If the federal government can do this, then it can do anything, and the limits on government power that our liberty requires will be more myth than reality." --Wall Street Journal op-ed by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Liberty University School of Law professor Kenneth Blackwell and American Civil Rights Union senior legal analyst Kenneth Klukowski

He Was Lying Then, He's Lying Now

Government & Politics
If By 'Transparent' You Mean 'Secret'...

In spite of Democrats' best efforts at "transparency," there are many extra-special things that we actually do know about the bill. For example, on page 1,020, the Senate bill states: "It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection." In other words, the bill creates an eternal law by prohibiting future elected Congresses from making changes to this subsection.

What's in the subsection in question? The infamous "death panel" -- the Independent Medicare Advisory Board (IMAB), whose objective will be to "reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending" (read: to ration health care).

Meanwhile, the bill contains what amounts to a marriage penalty worth $2,000 or more in insurance premiums each year. The Wall Street Journal explains, "The disparity comes about in part because subsidies for purchasing health insurance under the plan from congressional Democrats are pegged to federal poverty guidelines. That has the effect of limiting subsidies for married couples with a combined income, compared to if the individuals are single."

Finally, Obama signaled this week that he's willing to break another campaign promise: The "no tax increases on the middle class" pledge. He threw his support behind the Senate's tax on higher end "Cadillac" insurance plans, something unions and House Democrats oppose.

The more the public learns about this continuing saga, the more vigorously opposed they become to "reform." No wonder Democrats want the process to remain secret.

Obama Bin Lyin since 1981.
This is the change you twits voted for. How's that working, by the way?

"We will have a public, uh, process for forming this plan. It'll be televised on C-SPAN.... It will be transparent and accountable to the American people." --Barack Obama, November 2007

"That's what I will do in bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together, and broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are, because part of what we have to do is enlist the American people in this process." --Barack Obama, January 2008

"[T]hese negotiations will be on C-SPAN..." --Barack Obama, January 2008

"We're gonna do all these negotiations on C-SPAN so the American people will be able to watch these negotiations." --Barack Obama, March 2008

"All this will be done on C-SPAN in front of the public." --Barack Obama, April 2008

"I want the negotiations to be taking place on C-SPAN." --Barack Obama, May 2008

"[W]e'll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who is, who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies." --Barack Obama, August 2008

"We will work on this process publicly. It'll be on C-SPAN. It will be streaming over the Net." --Barack Obama, November 2008

04 January 2010

United Conservatives of Virginia: Extreme Leftists and Extremist Islam

United Conservatives of Virginia: Extreme Leftists and Extremist Islam

More at the link.
Exclusive: Fatal Attraction – The Left’s Perilous Embrace of Radical Islam
Alex Alexiev

Shortly after 9/11 a lively discussion ensued on the pages of a prominent green journal regarding the possibility and merit of an alliance between the Greens, the Left and radical Islam. The discussion identified the emergence of radical Islam as a “geopolitical opponent of the dominant West, equal or greater in magnitude to the specter of communism” with Osama bin Laden and the Taliban providing a “charismatic voice articulating the vision of an Islamic revolt against the West.” Moreover, the green theoreticians argued, radical Islam was a “movement of social revolution” that may be “moving towards some form of socialism…” It concluded hopefully that “Greens and Muslims might somehow collaborate as parallel, overlapping movements of liberation from the dominance of capital.”

Eight years later, the putative romance of the American Left with radical Islam appears to have become an affectionate embrace. Congressional hearings have revealed that no less than 500 leftist lawyers, many of them hired by Attorney General Eric Holder’s law firm, Covington & Burling, rushed to defend pro bono the 244 Islamic extremists and terrorists held at Guantanamo. At least a couple of these radicals, now working for Mr. Holder in top positions, have already had to recuse themselves from prosecuting detainees because of their previous advocacy for them and more such cases are certain to come out.

01 January 2010

Heritage Morning Bell - Taxes

Heritage Foundation
Happy Tax Year!
While millions of Americans are more than ready to put 2009 behind them, they should know that Congress failed to reauthorize dozens of tax breaks for individuals and businesses before the Members scurried home for the Holidays. These “expiring provisions” affect every American in one way or another as individuals or businesses. By allowing them to lapse, Congress has enacted tax increases at time when these taxpayers can least afford it.

The House has passed legislation (H.R. 4213) that would have extended 63 current tax provisions, but the Senate failed to bring this bill to a vote. Thus, all of these provisions expired at midnight last night. Notable provisions as reported today by Tax Notes include:

  • Deduction of state and local general sales taxes (section 164) (Personal Tax Incentives)
  • Additional standard deduction, up to $500 for individuals and $1,000 for couples, for state and local property taxes (section 63) (Personal Tax Incentives)
  • Research tax credit and alternative simplified credit (section 41) (General Business Tax Incentives)
  • New markets tax credit (section 45D) (Community Assistance Provisions)
  • Empowerment zone incentives (sections 1391 and 1202) (Community Assistance Provisions)
  • Renewal community tax incentives (sections 1400E, 1400F, 1400I, and 1400J) (Community Assistance Provisions)
  • District of Columbia Investment Incentives (sections 1400, 1400A, 1400B, and 1400C) (Community Assistance Provisions)
  • Net disaster loss designation and $500 limit per casualty for personal casualty losses attributed to federally declared natural disasters (section 165) (General Disaster Relief Provisions)
  • Expensing for qualified disaster expenses (section 198A) (General Disaster Relief Provisions)
  • Biodiesel and renewable diesel incentives (section 40A) (Energy Incentives)
  • Alternative motor vehicle credit for heavy hybrids (section 30B) (Energy Incentives)

Although the House has acted and passed its version of the Tax Extenders Act of 2009, the Senate failed to act on similar legislation, as a result the following additional key tax provisions will expire:

  • Increased exemption levels for the individual alternative minimum tax (section 55) and personal tax credits allowed against the AMT (section 26)
  • Exclusion of unemployment compensation benefits from gross income (section 85)
  • Alternative fuel mixture tax credit (section 6426(e))
  • Reduced estimated tax payments for small businesses (section 6654(d)(1)(D))

The Senate has had a lot on its plate this year. But it is still unacceptable that they have stalled on the chance to extend these tax provisions that affect every American. By allowing these tax provisions to expire, taxes will rise on many individuals and businesses, and for some of these groups, a punitively steep tax hike.

At the very least, we hope for a New Year’s Resolution from Congress that it acts swiftly in 2010 on passing legislation to amend and extend tax laws that assist every American individual and business which will lead to a stronger, robust economy.

Even better, would be if Congress reformed the entire tax code and brought us a tax system based on one rate, applied once to all income, and in a form every taxpayer can understand.

However, that may be asking too much in one New Year’s Resolution.