28 September 2007

Rush In a Hurry - September 28, 2007

1) The Clinton-Soros Group Media Matters for America takes Rush out of context and reports that he called soldiers who oppose the war in Iraq "phony soldiers."
2) The Drive-By Media runs with the lie.
3) A reporter challenges President Bush's spokeswoman to repudiate the quote (that Rush never said.)
4) Democrat senators and House members trip over themselves to condemn Rush, demanding he apologize (for what he never said) and challenging Republicans to condemn him.
If reporters had bothered to check the transcripts and audio at RushLimbaugh.com, or even to call the EIB Network for comment, they wouldn't look like such fools.
Rush was talking about phony soldier Jesse MacBeth.
MacBeth portrayed himself as a decorated Iraq war veteran who opposed the war. Since "Corporal" MacBeth fit the left's anti-war template, the Drive-By Media lapped up his lies.
The truth? Mr. MacBeth was just sentenced to five months in jail for being...a phony soldier.

MacBeth never served in Iraq, never won a Purple Heart, never reached the rank of corporal, was never an Army Ranger -- and therefore never could have witnessed war crimes against Iraqi civilians as he claimed. In fact, MacBeth washed out of Army boot camp after 44 days. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).

Rush reminds us of how Democrats smeared General Petraeus, and how John Kerry, Jack Murtha and Dick Durbin attacked our rank-and-file soldiers based on lies.
The full transcript of these comments is posted at RushLimbaugh.com.
The Dittocam video of Rush's opening monologue is up on YouTube. Will the media bother to look at either?

The left had to go to a phony soldier to give them bad news out of Iraq. They need bad news because they're invested in defeat, and cannot accept the fact that the surge has brought Sunnis over to our side and away from Al-Qaeda. Frederick Kagan's piece in then Wall Street Journal, "Why We're Winning Now in Iraq," details the anti-war left's worst nightmare. The tide has turned, so much so that every major Democrat presidential candidate has committed to staying in Iraq through 2013. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).

27 September 2007

Lt Col Buzz Patterson on Hardball

On Friday 28 September, Lt Colonel Buzz Patterson will appear on Hardball with Chris Matthews at 1700 hours Eastern 1400 hours Pacific time.

You may remember him as the man who carried the “nuclear football” for President Clinton. He is also the author of several books, including Dereliction of Duty and his latest book entitled War Crimes: The Left’s Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror.

The topic will be the damage that anti-war soldiers are doing to the war effort.

If we just ignore the "useful idiots', they will be as irrelevant as Rosie O'Donnell. They are tools of the extreme anti-American, pro-terrorist, pro-war leftwing moonbats. Half of them probably didn't even make it to the sandbox.

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), is another creation of the people who brought you the SDS, Weather Underground, International ANSWER, Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice and World Can't Wait.

They are all part of the American Communist Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and Workers World Party.

They are socialists and Marxists. They are deranged. They are dedicated. They are dangerous.

A Message from Chris Hill

WASHINGTON – House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement this afternoon after the House overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning “in the strongest possible terms” MoveOn.org’s personal attacks on General David Petraeus, as well as honoring “all members of the Armed Forces,” and their families, for “serving in harm’s way.” Seventy-nine Democrats voted against it.

“It’s been more than two weeks since the Republican Leader introduced a resolution condemning MoveOn’s personal smear campaign against Gen. Petraeus, and nearly a week since the Senate passed its own version and the House majority leader told me he had no intention of allowing a similar vote in our chamber.

“Today, we took matters into our own hands, forcing the House to take up a resolution repudiating these personal attacks, and reaffirming our support for and gratefulness to the men and women serving our country in harm’s way.

“Given the chance, more than three-quarters of the House went on record today in support of our Armed Forces, and in recognition of the extreme sacrifices they and their families make for our country on daily basis. My only disappointment is that a message as important and clear-cut as this couldn’t attract the support of every member of this chamber.”

NOTE: The House Committee on Foreign Affairs took up a similar resolution earlier in the day, returning a vote of 23-13 in favor of quashing the Petraeus resolution and preventing it from even being considered in committee. Many of those members voting in the affirmative came down differently on the issue when presented with the matter on the House floor.

Commentary on the motion by Chris Hill, Gathering of Eagles National Director for Operations:

The motion recognized the service of General Petraeus, as well as all other members of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel serving in harm’s way, as well as their families. It also condemned in the strongest possible terms the personal attacks made by the advocacy group MoveOn.org impugning the integrity and professionalism of General Petraeus.

79 Democrats opposed the resolution. Their names are below. If your member of Congress is listed below, call and ask them why they refuse to support our men and women in uniform. Ask them if this is what they mean when they say “I support the troops.” These 79 members of Congress had the chance to publicly support the troops, or support their cash cow MoveOn.org. They chose the latter. This is why we have to turn out in the streets. This is why we have to stalk the halls of Congress. This is why our mission to support our men and women in uniform hinges on each and every one of us. When elected officials will not even disavow a repugnant ad put out by an anti-American organization it is time for us, the Gathering of Eagles and our fellow patriots in other organizations, to remind them that they work for us.

The 79 members of Congress listed below sided with those who call our brave warriors war criminals. They sided with those who call the commanding general in Iraq a traitor. In short, they decided that it was better to have funds from an organization that believes in destroying our American way of life, than it was to stand up for those who have so bravely stood up for all of us. If this sounds eerily familiar to many of you it should. It is the same model used by the anti-American movement 40 years ago. Our men and women in uniform are under attack. The memorials to our war dead are under attack. Our very way of life is under attack, and it starts with these 79. Don’t let them get away with it again.


Abercrombie (HI) Ackerman(NY) Allen(MA) Baldwin(WI) Becerra(CA) Berman(CA)Blumenauer(OR) Brown, Corrine(FL) Capuano(MA) Castor(FL) Clarke(NY) Clay(MISSOURI) Cohen(TN) Conyers(MICH) Crowley(NY) Davis (IL) DeGette(COL)Ellison(MINN) Filner(CA) Frank (MA) Green, Al(TX) Grijalva(AZ) Gutierrez(FL)Hastings (FL) Hinchey(NY) Hirono (HI) Holt(NJ) Honda(NJ) Inslee(WA) Jackson-Lee (TX) Jefferson(LA) Johnson (GA) Jones (OH) Kilpatrick(MI) Kucinich(OH) Lee(CA)Lewis (GA) Lofgren, Zoe(CA) Markey(MA) Matsui(CA) McDermott (WA)McGovern (MA) Meek (FL) Michaud(ME) Miller (NC) Miller, George(CA) Moore (WI) Moran (VA) Nadler(NY) Neal (MA) Olver(MA) Pallone(NJ) Payne (NJ) Price (NC) Rush(IL) Ryan (OH) Sánchez, Linda T. (CA) Schakowsky(IL) Scott (VA)Serrano(NY) Sherman(CA) Slaughter(NY) Solis(CA) Stark(CA) Tierney(MA) Towns(NY) Van Hollen (MD) Velázquez(NY) Wasserman Schultz(FL) Waters(CA) Watson(CA)Watt (NC) - MY REPWaxman (CA) Weiner(NY) Wexler(FL) Woolsey(CA) Wynn(MO) Yarmuth (KY)

Who Do You Trust?

moveon.org or a Medal of Honor Recipient Air Force Col. George "Bud" Day?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — "American pilots do not conduct air-raids on villages, killing civilians, nor are our troops cold-blooded murderers or terrorists," said retired Air Force Col. George "Bud" Day, America's most decorated living veteran and former POW. "But, if you believe some current members of Congress who have accused our men and women in uniform of all that and worse, you would have to conclude our military is a barbarian horde, just as John Kerry had previously said."

"It was a lie then, and it's an even bigger lie today," Day continued. "The truth is that some in the U.S. Congress and their mouthpieces in the media now represent a much bigger threat to the lives of our men and women in combat, and our national security, than any foreign enemy."
Among his many decorations from World War II, Korea and Vietnam, Col. Day is a Medal of Honor recipient and a combat pilot held captive for more than five years in the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison. He is also the Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation (VVLF) which has been embroiled in litigation with Kerry campaign aides since Kerry's failed Presidential bid. Those lawsuits were recently withdrawn, and the VVLF is now able to reveal the results of its research and investigation efforts. But the VVLF needs your help.

"We were forced to spend over $1 million to defend ourselves in these frivolous lawsuits. In fact we still owe over $250,000 in legal bills. We paid the price of freedom 35 years ago to protect the basic liberties of all Americans, and now we're paying all over again, to protect our own freedom of speech," said Col. Day, a practicing Florida attorney.

"Unfortunately, as former Prisoners of War, we do not have the money that MoveOn.org has. Nor do we have the ability to obtain special discounts from the New York Times to run full page ads. That is where you can help."

Col. Day and several other POWs, including the wife of a POW, were sued numerous times by Kerry campaign associates after they participated in a 2004 documentary, "Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal." In that film, Day and other POWs detailed the direct impact Kerry and his fellow anti-war activists, including many U.S. Senators, had on their survival in captivity and even the eventual loss of the Vietnam War.

The producer of "Stolen Honor," Pulitzer Prize-winner and Marine combat veteran, Carlton Sherwood, was also sued in a vain effort by the Kerry Campaign to prevent the documentary from being broadcast or even shown in theaters. It was eventually released in the closing days of the 2004 campaign, primarily on Northern Ohio cable outlets where, according to most post-election news analysts, Sen. Kerry lost his presidential bid.

"Our brave soldiers were and continue to be sold out today by many of those same people, abetted by a new crop of politicians and journalists," Col Day said. "They may say they 'support the troops,' but they have nothing but contempt for those serving in the military. The reality is many in Congress and the media are hoping for, and invested in, America's defeat in the Global War on Terrorism just as they forced America's defeat in Vietnam, years after the last U.S. military combat units were withdrawn."

Col. Day continued:
"The problem is that it was all a lie, staged theatrics, choreographed by the Communists and spoon fed to the American public by unconscionable, ambitious politicians and the press. We now have the hard evidence to prove that. We have obtained documents, records, eyewitness accounts, even the CONFESSIONS of those who originally made those despicable accusations and have now recanted ever witnessing an atrocity, much less committing one. The facts are incontrovertible and compelling."

"Our findings prove the accusations made against our military in Vietnam were pure enemy propaganda used by American turncoats to advance their political ambitions and agendas, all trumpeted, by an unquestioning, complicit media," Day said. "Today, other phonies have taken their place, people like Jesse MacBeth and Scott Thomas Beauchamp, whose slanderous accusations against our men and women in Iraq made world-wide headlines even though those reports were baseless, the accusers frauds. Then, as now, the media has been all too eager to hand the microphone over to anyone who wishes to defame America's soldiers, whether it's an ambitious politician or a wannabe who never spent a day in uniform, much less a combat zone.

See this post.

Col. Day said his VVLF organization plans to release its findings once they secure funding to do so.

"This is not over," said Day. "Now we are able to reveal the results of the research and documentation that we acquired. This material will reclaim once and for all the good name and good reputation of a generation of servicemen. It will help make sure that the brave men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan don't have to go through what we did."
Armed with these testimonies and documented research, the VVLF plans to demonstrate to the American public the truth about those who accused our troops of atrocities and war crimes and those who promoted those falsehoods. The former POWs also intend to show the motives of those responsible and the media propaganda that lead to an entirely false history of Vietnam, just as the press is doing today in Iraq. That is where we need your support.

To present our findings to the American Public, the VVLF needs your help. It is critical that we reveal the truth before Congress repeats the mistake it made over 30 years ago.
Please forward this message to everyone you know who could assist us.

25 September 2007

Anti-gun Zealots Trying To Ram Disarmament Bill Through Senate

Remember the post about Charles "Chuckie Boy" Schumer where I told you his first piece of legislation submitted was a bill to repeal the 2nd Amendment?

He's trying to make an end-run around the legislative process, again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You'd think that when rabid, anti-gun legislators like Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy join together to pass anti-gun legislation, it would raise a few red flags.

But these two New York Democrats are currently planning to roll over gun owners with H.R. 2640 -- legislation which would bar you from owning guns if:

* You are a battle-scarred veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;
* As a kid, you were diagnosed with ADHD.

Not to mention the fact that your ailing grandfather could have his entire gun collection seized, based only on a diagnosis of Alzheimer's (and there goes the family inheritance).

Gun owners have been desperately fighting this bill for several months.
You will remember that it passed in the House with an unrecorded voice vote in
June and was later passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee -- also without
a recorded vote.

Sen. Schumer is pushing hard to pass this legislation -- dubbed the Veterans Disarmament Act -- so he is circulating an "agreement" which would waive the Senate rules in order to bring up and pass the bill.

This agreement could come about in the next few hours or the next couple of days!

This agreement is extremely diabolical, as it would eliminate the ability of pro-gun senators to offer amendments which would clean up the legislation... and would grease the skids for immediate passage!

But there is good news: In order for Schumer's "agreement" to prevail, he must get
"unanimous consent." This means that just ONE single senator can block it.

ACTION: Please contact your two U.S. Senators RIGHT AWAY and urge them
to OBJECT to Senator Chuck Schumer's "unanimous consent agreement" to steamroll H.R. 2640, the McCarthy anti-gun bill.

23 September 2007

Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee

Unfortunately, I am watching live FoxNews coverage of the protests at Columbia University.
I say unfortunately, because Jerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera) has been assigned to cover it.

But thats not the issue. I keep hearing the terms 1st Amendment, free speech, open dialogue being tossed around as if they were suddenly important to some of these students.

If these concepts are so important now that Monkey Boy Imeanajihad, a known terrorist; proven murderer of American citizens; supplier of weapons to insurgents in Iraq; supplier of weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon wants to speak,
why were they not important when an American citizen with no links to any known terrorist group; no record of any infractions of the laws of this country; no agenda other than the security of America wanted to speak?

Because the Minuteman Project didn't fit the marxist/socialist agenda.
The Minutemen reperesent concepts these students/anarchists/useful idiots are afraid of;
Courage, Honor, Dedication to Country

It's a damn shame.

Rep. Peter King: Troops Furious at Hillary Over MoveOn Ad

From NewsMax.com

If you think the troops aren't paying attention, think again.

American troops in Iraq are in a “rage” over Hillary Clinton and other Democrats’ failure to condemn the MoveOn.org ad calling General David Petraeus “General Betray Us.”

That’s the word from Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican who recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In an interview with talk radio host Steve Malzberg, King said what struck him most about the troops in Iraq was how closely they are following politics in the U.S., and how angry they are over the Democrats’ reaction to the MoveOn.org ad.

King said he had lunch with several female soldiers at a base in Iraq and they were “furious at the Democrats for not denouncing the ad and for what was said about General Petraeus.

“This has been noticed by the troops,” King told Malzberg.

“They specifically mentioned Hillary Clinton, being angry at her, and the Democrats in general for not denouncing MoveOn.org. It went beyond a political anger — it was
a rage.”

The MoveOn.org ad — which appeared in the New York Times — charged Petraeus with “cooking the books for the White House” when he delivered his Iraq report on Sept. 10.

“To imply that Petraeus is a liar — MoveOn called him a traitor!” said King. “I was struck by the intensity of the anger from these people.”

King said some of the soldiers who had previously supported Clinton’s presidential bid no longer did.

King also criticized New York Sen.
Charles Schumer, who said that the level of violence in Iraq’s Anbar province was down “despite the ‘surge,’ not because of it.” He suggested that the American troops couldn’t “get the job done,” so tribal leaders took up the fight against the insurgents themselves.

Schumer is “totally wrong,” King declared.

He said the tribes took action to fight the insurgents only after they saw the U.S. step up efforts in Anbar.

So take a lesson. The troops, contrary to what sKerry has said about their level of education, are reading the news, reading our blogs, and paying attention.
The least we can do is give them something to read besides the trash and tripe spewing from the mouths of the so-called "troop supporters" on the left.

22 September 2007

US Army Ranger (NOT) Exposed as Fraud

Lets see if IVAW disowns this piece of excrement. Don't hold your breath
I've met REAL HEROES. They don't consider themselves heroes
They were just doing their job.

and just so you'll know, YouTube has DISABLED the comments for this video.
Gee I wonder why?

A Washington man, whose claims to have slaughtered civilians as a U.S. Army Ranger in Iraq were seen by millions on YouTube, admitted in federal court in Seattle today that he was a fake and a liar.

Jesse Adam Macbeth, 23, pleaded guilty to charges he faked his war record.

"He was in the Army for 40 days before he was kicked out of boot camp for being unfit," said U.S. Attorney Jeffrey C. Sullivan. "He was never in Iraq."

Macbeth's story of killing men and women as they left a Baghdad mosque included claims that he was a U.S. Army Ranger and had received the Purple Heart for injuries suffered in combat in Iraq.

His interview was translated into Arabic and distributed in the Middle East, said the U.S. attorney.

"Macbeth's lies fueled hostility to our servicemen in Iraq and here at home," Sullivan said.

Federal prosecutors and investigators with the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs say they are in the midst of a crackdown on phony heroes.

"The phony war hero phenomenon plagues the American landscape and tarnishes the service of thousands of veterans who have served honorable," said Douglas Carver, special agent in charge of the VA's inspector general operation in the west.

In another recent case, investigators uncovered a man who posed as a U.S. Marine Chaplain, officiating at the weddings and funerals of Marines.

Reggie Lee Buddle, 59, of Puyallup, Wash., was sentenced to two years of probation in July after pleading guilty to charges he wore a Marine Captain's uniform and insignia.

Buddle, who never served in the Marines, participated in an opening ceremony of the Washington state Senate last year, delivering the opening prayer.

Macbeth, the phony U.S. soldier who claimed to have committed atrocities, was sentenced to five months in jail.

He told the judge today he wanted to apologize to "the real American heroes."

He said he lied about his military record in order to get money and treatment from the VA hospital.

20 September 2007

Listen to the Parents Listen to the Soldiers

You can learn a lot.

In a previous post regarding my adventures in NJ, I alluded to a Freedom's Watch commercial due out this week. That commercial is now running.

It features the parents and younger brother of 2Lt John Thomas Wrobelewski. 2/4 Marines

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Wrobelewski, and his remaining son at the Freedom Concert. Not only did I meet them, I was honored that he allowed me to hang out with them backstage during the concert. We spoke of the war, the soldiers, his son, how he died, and he told me of the trip he took to Iraq to visit the site where his son died fighting the terrorists; fighting to give the Iraqis the same choices we take for granted.

The man speaks for me. I think I speak for him. We agreed on every point. I have no doubt that 2Lt John Thomas Worbelewski would tell you the same thing.

We cannot allow the scarifices of these brave warriors, and the sacrifices of the parents and loved ones, to be in vain. We will never let them be forgotten.

We MUST win this war against the forces who would destroy us if given the opportunity. We MUST NOT give up on the fight, we MUST NOT give in to the extemeist elements of the liberal left in this country who would make this a repeat of the political defeat we suffered in Viet Nam.

The political defeat in Viet Nam cost 57,000+ American lives and millions of Cambodian lives.

A political defeat in Iraq will cost much more; it will be the end of democracy;
the end of freedom; the end of free will; and the beginning of the end of Western Civilization.

18 September 2007

Pictures from Friday Saturday & Sunday

More Pics

Duncan Hunter addresses the Gathering of Eagles Rally on Saturday 15 Septmeber

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
14 September 2007
The date stamp is wrong cause I'm to lazy to change it
Click on picture for full size

Ever Wonder Why Conservative Girls are Better Looking?

If this doesn't make you change your politics, you're dead.

March of the Useful Idiots

My Favorite Terrorist

Ouside NBC Studios Sunday Morning

Senator John McCain Shakes Hands With GoE

He Really Is A Class Act

The t-shirt has the definition of Swiftboating

16 September 2007

This is from CJ at ASP

All ya'll know what ASP is, the link is on the right if you want to check it out, but this is not there. I got this in an email and CJ says I can use any or all as I wish. I'm just gonna post the whole damn thing and let you read it.

I still have tears on my face.

There's been a lot of talk about who the mystery ASP blogger was at the recent meeting with the President. No, it wasn't the President of local chapter of corn growers and spider hunters. The President of the United States. I'm sure to most
people, it was pretty obvious who the "representative from A Soldier's
Perspective" was. Yes, I was there. Not only was I there, but I was able to take
the Texan seat of honor next to the Man himself - Mohammed of Iraq the Model.
Oh, I sat next to Mr. George W. Bush as well.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the Office of Media Liaison and told that I was being invited to the White House for a "special event" with select milbloggers. For the record, CPL M was also invited but unable to attend because he's busy doing the work of this country to ensure our continued safety and way of life. The meeting was
strictly close hold and we weren't to discuss it with anyone outside those with a need to know (in my case - my chain of command).

Eight milbloggers were present and two attended via a VTC (video teleconference) from Baghdad - Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal, Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal. Those present and accounted for in the West Wing were, Matt Burden of Blackfive, Mrs. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette (Greyhawk was also
attending to the nation's business and unable to attend), NZ Bear of TTLB
and the Victory Caucus, Steve Schippert of Threats Watch, Ward Carroll of
Military.Com (an all-around great guy and pleasure to be around) and, of course,
Mohammed of Iraq the Model.

We arrived at the White House on time at 0900. After processing through security and getting checked in at the lobby, we were ushered into the Roosevelt Room of the West Wing. For those that aren't aware of White House history, the Roosevelt Room was the original office of the President back when the West Wing was built back in 1902. When the West Wing was expanded and the Oval Office was created, the Roosevelt Room became sort of a waiting room for those meeting with the President. The room is set up to handle secure conferences and also serves as the place the President meets with his National Security team. You can take a 360 degree virtual tour here. The camera is set at the position where the President sits.

Anyway, we sat for a few minutes of nervous chatter admiring the fact that any minute we're going to be in the presence of the most powerful man in the world, politically speaking. We had no idea exactly when the President would come in. Each time the door opened our hearts stopped beating only to be greeted by aides, assistants, and other important staff types. Along with the milbloggers present, placards were on the table that read "Kevin Sullivan" (Assistant to the President for
Communications), "Tony Snow" (this meeting was taking place on Mr. Snow's final
day of work), "Dana Perino" (Mr. Snow's replacement as Press Secretary),
"Stephen Hadley" (Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs),
"Mark Pfeifle" ( Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security
Advisor for Strategic Communications and Global Outreach), and General Lute (the
one and only War Czar, officially Assistant to the President and Deputy National
Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan ). Without waiting on any of his
staff, the President entered the room at 0951 - nine minutes ahead of schedule.

As he walked in, he personally shook each of our hands, thanking US for
being there. One by one we introduced ourselves. The President ordered us (well,
he is my Commander in Chief. To everyone else it was probably more of a request)
to have a seat and sat down himself. Now, I need to take this opportunity to
explain what a down to earth guy we have as President. He made each of feel
genuinely welcome. When he sat down he didn't sit in a dominating posture at the
end of the table. He got comfortable and was slightly slouched in his
comfortable leather chair. As he did so, his tie sort of drooped to his left
side, his jacket unbuttoned and open. However, he was also a very Presidential
man, obviously aware of his responsibilities and role. He thanked us for being
there and gave us an opening statement, unprepared and unwritten. It came from
his heart as he spoke about his determination for victory in this global war on
terrorism. I was so in awe while he sat there speaking literally inches from me
that I didn't think to take any notes. We weren't allowed to have cameras or
audio recorders, so we had to rely on our notes.

"I looked at my schedule today, and I found it interesting that I would be sitting down with bloggers." That's how it started. It should be noted that this is the first time in history that a sitting President has sat down with a group of military
bloggers (probably ANY group of bloggers). There was no other media present and
no press releases were given to announce the meeting before or afterwards.

After his opening remarks, he opened up the floor to questions from us,
beginning with the guys in Iraq. Bill Ardolino recently visited Fallujah to
check on progress since his last visit there in January. "The progress in
Fallujah especially has been remarkable between January and September," he said.
This is going on all over the country as the surge works its magic allowing the
government to begin its political reconciliation (a phrase I probably heard more
times than my ten fingers can count). The President remarked that over $2.6
billion has been distributed to local governments for reconstruction and jobs.
This year alone, over $227 million in oil revenue has been pushed down to local
governments. Counter to what the media is reporting, the government has a
working budget process that is getting better with each day. They are still
trying to figure that piece out.

Another interesting tidbit of information that came out during the meeting is that Marine Major General Douglas Stone is managing a predominantly Sunni-occupied prison system in Iraq. This isn't like the prison system you'd probably imagine. Gen Stone has a brilliant plan for rehabilitating the prisoners. Most of the Sunnis jailed in
the prisons are accused of crimes of affiliation. Some were in the wrong place
at the wrong time. Still others committed their crimes so Al Qaeda terrorists
wouldn't kill their families. Gen Stone has instituted a vocational training
school into his prison system to teach these young Sunnis valuable skills they
can use to earn money and take care of their families. He teaches them
alternatives to violence. He also brings in moderate religious leaders to teach
them the truly peaceful nature of Islam. The goal is to show them that the
extremist religious views they've been taught are incorrect. The other way this
is being done is by teaching these young men to read so that they can open up a
Koran and see for themselves the way their religion has been bastardized by
extremist Imams. While there aren't any metrics to prove the system is working
yet, the theory behind it is brilliant as a concept. I can't see how it could

I kept my eyes on the President almost the entire time. He made sure that he kept eye contact with us as he spoke. There wasn't a person in that room who wasn't included in his speech. President Bush spoke candidly to us. He didn't speak at us and he didn't speak down to us. He treated us like respectful Americans. When he spoke of his father's WWII service, he literally teared up.
Being right next to him, I caught a single tear attempt to roll down his left
cheek before he casually wiped it away. No one else seemed to notice. Looking in
his eyes as he spoke about the pride he felt in his father, his eyes began to
glaze and behind them was a real person who happens to be our 43rd President.
George Bush is a man of values and he brought this out.

He's also a man of responsibility. When we got on the subject of the despicable behavior by members of Congress (my point, by the way), he made it a point not to talk down about Congress either. I had thanked him and Tony Snow for their recent strong statements against the reality that the media and our elected officials seem to have a problem with acknowledging, even applauding, success by our military. He
took ownership of his plan. He made sure we knew that he does not govern this
country at the polls. He does what is right. I wrote this quote down immediately
after he said because it should be a headline when a book is written about him.
In all caps I wrote the word "OWNERSHIP", which was followed by his quote: "This
is George Bush's policy. I am a Commander in Chief. I expect to be attacked
politically. But, do not attack those Generals!" He went on to talk about the
noble profession of military service and the kind of honorable Soldier that Gen
David Patraeus is.

President Bush is not concerned with his legacy and he has no need to be. I explained to him that after the USS Cole bombing I was so prepared to go to war at that point. I was utterly frustrated that nothing was done, especially after the embassy bombings and the first WTC bombing. I decided to do something about it myself and changed professions to one that would get me closer to the fight if one ever did break out. As it turns out, while I was in training for this new position, September 11th happened. I can't remember exactly what I asked the President because I was choking up having just mentioned my good friend SSG Stevon Booker who died in front of me in Iraq. I just started babbling after that. It was pathetic, you should have seen it. I thanked him for finally taking the fight to the enemy and having the nerves of steel to see it through to the end - whatever that means. Those guys did not die in vain. He mentioned that he recently finished reading a new book about George Washington, the third one he's read. "If they're still talking about the first
president, the 43rd has nothing to worry about," Bush said. How right he is.

We sat there for an hour and would've stayed longer had Marine One not landed when it did. President Bush was scheduled to be at Quantico, VA for the induction of brand spanking new Marine Corps Second Lieutenants (God help the Corps!). He wrapped everything up and thanked us again and asked if we'd like to see the Oval Office before he takes off. Uh, yeah!! He led us into the brightly lit, surreal room where all the magic happens. "This is the Oval Office. What do you think?" the President asked. "It's alright," piped in someone behind me, probably Blackfive or Steve Shippert!! This is the room where the decision to go to war was made. This is the room where a lot of very difficult decisions are made. This is the room where presidents and diplomats from all over the globe gather to discuss policy. And we were there!!

As you walk into the Oval Office you can't help but notice the magnificence of the lighting and decor. The lighting is so well done that you don't even notice the absence of shadows. You half expect to hear angels usher in your entrance to the office. Everything about it is upbeat and positive and warming (and not because of global warming either). We took turns getting individual photos with the President in front of his desk. He gave each of us a coin as we finished. He invited us out to the south lawn to watch him take off in Marine One. He climbed up onto the platform
like he has hundreds of times. However, instead of waving to the cameras, he
turned towards our "group of eight" and gave a hearty wave BEFORE turning to the
cameras so they could get their photo op. I couldn't help but chuckle under my
breath at the subtle jab.

Marine One took off and we were invited back into the West Wing. As we walked down the sidewalk along the Oval Office, we caught a glimpse of Barney. I think Barney has a blog too come to think of it.

He stopped whatever he was doing and watched us walk by, almost as if to say
thanks as well.

And that was how I spent my morning at the White House.
The moral of the story is that it pays to be a Texas boy!!

Short Post to Say Thanks

Thank You Michelle for coming out to Walter Reed in the rain Friday night. What an honor it was to meet this dynamo in person. The hug and kiss made my year. Hell, my life is complete.
I could die right now, it wouldn't matter. Sell my clothes I'm going to Heaven.

Thanks again to everyone who came out in the rain. You folks are heroes one and all. Never doubt for a moment that your presence on that street Friday night increased the morale of the brave wounded healing in that hospital by a factor of 1000. Trust me, I know.

A HUGE Thank You to John and Beth at Castle Arrrgh. John informed at the last minute that he suddenly found a reason to be in Washington DC this weekend.

You can read John's here
This was just WAYCOOL. Scroll down a bit, but you have GOT to read the Armorer's AAR from the Rally. I'm still laughing. Jeeez John....

While the turnout Friday night was beyond what we normally get, I was a tad disappointed Saturday.

NOT discouraged, just disappointed. My estimate is 4K. I wanted 15K. I prayed for a repeat of 17 March which was 35K.
God answers all prayers, sometimes the answer is no.

We gave em hell as always; made our point; delivered our message.
They know they can't show up without opposition anymore.

More later...but guys, I have to tell you, every one of you is a hero to me.
I love each and every one of you as if you were bloodkin. You are all my brothers and sisters.

13 September 2007

Republican Leader: Some Things More Important Than Next Election

(CNSNews.com) - House Republican leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) admits that Iraq is "a difficult situation," but he also says it's a situation that should transcend politics. "I certainly understand there's an election coming up next year. But as I have said more than once, there are some things that are more important than the next election. And preserving the security for my kids and theirs is a lot more important to me than whether I get elected in the next election," Boehner told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday.

Boehner is currently in Iraq, getting a first-hand look at conditions on the ground.

He told CNN "there's no question" that the troop surge has brought greater security over the last three or four months. "That's eventually going to lead to Iraqis taking greater control of their own destiny and allowing our troops to come home," he said. Boehner also said there's been some political progress "on the local level," but more needs to be done toward national reconciliation.

Boehner, referring to the troop surge, recommended that the United States stick to a "game plan that is finally working. This is not the time to withdraw, allow failure to occur, and to allow our enemies to regroup and to expand," he said. "We need to finish the job that we started, and there's nothing short of success that's going to work for me."

Rush In A Hurry

General Petraeus made the Democrats look like idiots, and they are now struggling to find a new Iraq strategy. These arrogant Dems, lead by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, continually get skunked by George W. Bush. This week is another Wellstone Memorial-type moment for the Democrat Party.

Naming a hurricane after an illegal immigrant is not right. Hurricane Humberto was only supposed to be a tropical storm, but suddenly they've upgraded it.

Norman Hsu left a suicide note, coining a new Rush-ism. Near death by campaign contributions will now be known as "Hsu-icide."

Chris Matthews interviewed Laura Ingraham and commented on her looks, calling her "one of God's gifts to men." This brings to mind Matthews' recent comments to the CNBC Street Sweetie. Rush recommends Laura's book "Power to the People." Buy It Now. It's inspirational, and really well done.

I met Laura at the Freedom Concert Tuesday night. I hate to agree with Prissy Matthews on anything, but he's right on this one. That Lady is fabulous.

Michael O'Shea has written a fabulous column critiquing the Democrats' childish behavior on Iraq.

The Treasury Department says the federal deficit is running 9.8% lower than last year. The Bush tax cuts keep producing more revenue to the federal treasury, but the Democrats and Drive-Bys want them repealed in the worst way.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton gave some ridiculous answers in an online forum. Biden says that coal and corn syrup are more dangerous than terrorism, and Mrs. Clinton claims that she was against the war in Iraq when she voted for it.

12 September 2007

The Wall

Saturday afternoon I finished up my volunteer duties for America Supports You and headed to my hotel to get checked in. I called a friend of mine who is currently active duty to see if she wanted to grab a bite and hang out for a while. We chatted and set up a meeting time.

I checked in, grabbed a shower, dressed and headed out to Silver Spring. There's a bar in Adams Morgan I visit when I'm in DC cause it's owned by a veteran who has donated a lot of time and money to the wounded warriors at Walter Reed.

I drove up Columbia Road and apparently my vision isn't as good as it once was cause I didn't see the entrance to the bar. So I grabbed my phone and called another veteran who would know if the bar was gone or just still very well hidden.

He assured me the bar was still there, and then the phone went cold, my heart skipped, and I saw red.
"Someone vandalized The Wall last night" he said.
"What? They did WHAT?!?!?!"
"Someone vandalized The Wall last night"
"What did they do?" My heart was beating like a freight train and I swear I almost had to pull over.
"They poured some sort of oil on it. About 30 panels and the curb at the base."
"Have you seen it?" I asked.
"No" he says, "but a National Park volunteer did and he says it's everywhere."

Now, anyone who remembers last March knows that the threat of vandalism, especially to the Wall and other Memorials was what prompted about 30,000 veterans to put their lives on hold and come to DC in the freezing cold.

I have friends on that Wall. Good friends who died in the sweltering heat and stench of the jungle and this is now personal.

The scum sucking low life retarded no class a**hole SOB who did this is beneath contempt, not deserving of anything except a rope and a tree.

Sunday morning, as people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to remember the 3,000+ victims of another bunch of scum sucking low life retarded no class a**hole SOB's, I investigated the damage. It's true.

The oil appears to be a light weight type, probably brake fluid or similar. It has no smell, and it does not appear to have damaged the polished granite, but the names are etched into the granite creating very porous crevices which have soaked up the substance and caused them to become as dark as the surrounding granite. There are also scratches in some areas.

Vets are a testy bunch. We tend to take care of our own, no matter where they are or how they got there. This act of disrespect to our Veterans, to their memory, and to our Country just shows the mindset of some of those on the left. We will not allow this to happen to any other Memorials. Anyone contemplating future actions of this type needs to have their affairs in order, and a list of preferred burial sites. Because if we catch you, you won't have time to arrange them.

Traitors or Idiots?

Ann has it right.

Democrats claim Gen. David Petraeus' report to Congress on the surge was a put-up job with a pre-ordained conclusion. As if their response wasn't.

Democrats yearn for America to be defeated on the battlefield and oppose any use of the military -- except when they can find individual malcontents in the military willing to denounce the war and call for a humiliating retreat.

If liberals are not traitors, their only fallback argument at this point is that they're really stupid.

Spreadin' The Love or Karma is a great force

Oh Man...what a night. I got autographs, I met people, I got LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Not that kind of lucky) ;)

The last Freedom Concert of the year was held last night at 6 Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson, NJ. I was lucky enough to have been given two tickets by a friend in New York.

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Ollie North, Mark Levin, Jon Voight, Lee Greenwood, Eddie Montgomery (Montgomery Gentry). I shook their hands, I spoke to them, gave them flyers for the Rally. I thanked Jon Voight personally for stepping up and helping Move America Forward with their cross country caravan.

I was re-introduced to Greg Garvey and John Wroblewski. Those who attended the Rally in Johnstown last October may recognize those names.
(John's son was with the 2/4 Marines in Ramadi and died fighting the terrorists.)

I found out that Greg and I worked for the same road building contractors in the 70's. Small world.

The young PFC from the 10th Mountain Division I took to the concert has memories that will last him a lifetime.

Capt. Larry Bailey USN (Ret), Chairman of GOE, got me backstage, and from there, I was able to get this young PFC in a position to meet Montgomery Gentry, and get their autographs, (they signed his shirt), and once they learned he was being deployed to Iraq at the end of the week, they made him the center of attention for about 15 minutes.

Eddie Montgomery loves the troops, loves the military, as much as I do, and makes no apologies for it. The man is a true Patriot.

Larry also bragged about me to G. Gordon Liddy yesterday morning on the radio.

I have another story regarding Larry and his VIP pass, but I'll have to save that for later. Short version, I became Capt Bailey's de-facto XO for the evening.

We left the park about 1130 and drove straight through to DC, where I dropped off the PFC with my buddy Chad at Catholic University, and I made it home at 0500.

Uh-huh, I'm tired, and HAPPY, and delighted that everything turned out better than any amount of planning could have accomplished.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped me make the PFC's last few days in the States as memorable as I wanted them to be.

These kids deserve every thing we can do. I feel like I did something good.
What a great country.

07 September 2007

Chuckie Boy is up to his old tricks

Senator Charles "Chuckie Boy" Schumer has decided the surge is working so well, he can now say whatever he wants about our brave men and women protecting his lying liberal moonbat butt.

New Media Alliance

On 5 September, Sen. Schumer blasted and severely denigrated our troops; troops that are also protecting this less-than-worthy-of-protection blowhard and traitor wannabee. Note: I believe he succeeded.
On the surge—which again Democrats who have actually been to Iraq say is working—Schumer spat: "This is a policy of last resort! This is a policy of desperation!"
Working hard on his attempt to rewrite recent history, Schumer continued his diatribe with: "And let me be clear: the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not because of the surge!"
Then, in a decidedly mean-spirited, patently lying attack against our own soldiers, Schumer continued his invective with:
"The lack of protection for these tribes from al Qaeda made it clear to these tribes, ‘We have to fight al-Qaeda ourselves’. It wasn’t that the surge brought peace here. It was that the warlords had to create a temporary peace here on their own. And that is because there was no one else there [US soldiers] protecting them!" No one else protecting them? What does Chucko think our brave men and women have been doing in Iraq? Apparently, Schumer would have us believe they have done and are continuing to do nothing.

Not only is what Schumer said unconscionable and treasonous but, he—himself—has become as unscrupulous as any politician I’ve ever heard. This is a blatant reminder and prime example of the depths to which some politicians will sink in order to retain their illusion of power. As Sen. Schumer has now signaled us, there is no one whom he and many of his colleagues believe cannot be scarified to the gods of greed, graft and totalitarian dominance. From his less than truthful (AKA lying) remarks, it is painfully obvious that he has decided more of our fighting men and women must be falsely accused and destroyed in order for him and his political party to achieve their increasingly dishonorable goals. Note: Selling one’s soul to the devil has never been uglier.

Shabby...utterly shabby, despicable, and classless

For those of you who have not followed Chuckie Boy's career, his first piece of legislation was a bill to REPEAL THE 2ND AMENDMENT.

He introduced this bill every session since he was elected to the House. I think he finally gave up when he was appointed er I mean elected to the Senate.

05 September 2007

A Day In DC

It was gorgeous today. A little warm in the sun, but there's always a little shade somewhere.

I was in DC today to work. I had to go to the Newseum and check a floor for flatness. It's a complicated procedure, but the floor passed.

Now, you're probably asking yourself "What the hell is a "Newseum"?
Well, its a museum of news...and its gonna be so cool when it's finished.

Its an interactive museum of the art and science of news gathering and reporting.
Kids will be able to actually sit down at a desk and be a news anchor..or go on location and report...and then watch themselves on tape..(well, digital video) There will be displays of all the news stories through the years which have altered the course of history. Very neat stuff.

But believe it or not, that was not the high point of my day, no sirree...

Today, I met not one BUT TWO major players in our movement.

Pete Hegseth from Vets for Freedom and Chris Hill from Gathering of Eagles.

I met Chris and my good friend Kristinn at the NPS HQ to discuss the upcoming rally on 15 September. The meeting went well, and it seems we got what we wanted.
After the meeting at NPS, Kristinn asked if I time to give them a ride to Arlington.
I said of course I do and we piled into the truck and headed over the river, to the brand new studios of...ready for this???


...thats right, friends and neighbors, I spent a half hour in the studio with G. Gordon Liddy while he did his radio show...and interviewed Pete, Chris, and Kristinn.

It went really well. Afterwards, Chris and I were outside talking about the interview and Chris made the statement, "I have to admit to a bit of "school-girl' (his word, not mine) giddiness, being in the same room with G. Gordon."

I looked at him and said, "I'm really glad YOU were the one who brought that up, cause I know exactly what you mean, but I wasn't going to say anything."

The man is history walking.

I have to give a shout-out to Franklin, G.Gordon's producer..really great individual, and a vet. Canadian Army, BlackGuard. I would have loved to spend the rest of the morning there, but I had other obligations..

I will be back though.

04 September 2007


Former Speaker 0f the House Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire.....

We are NOW at war with a culture that wants, not to take over our land, but to KILL us.

We'd better start talking about the shape of the table now because this country doesn't have the stomach to face what is coming!.....


.......When the British this summer arrested people who were planning to blow up ten airliners in one day, they arrested a couple who were going to use their six month old baby in order to hide the bomb as baby milk.
Now, if I come to you tonight and say that there are people on the planet who hate you, and they are 15-25 year old males who are willing to die as long as they get to kill you, I've simply described the warrior culture which has been true historically for 6 or 7 thousand years.

But, if I come to you and say that there is a couple that hates you so much that they will kill their six month old baby in order to kill you, I am describing a level of ferocity, and a level of savagery beyond anything we have tried to deal with.

And, what is truly frightening about the British experience is they are arresting British citizens, born in Britain, speaking English, who went to British schools, live in British housing, and have good jobs.....


......I further think that we should propose a Geneva convention for fighting terrorism which makes very clear that those who would fight outside the rules of law, those who would use weapons of mass destruction, and those who would target civilians are in fact subject to a totally different set of rules that allow us to protect civilization by defeating barbarism before it gains so much strength that it is truly horrendous.

This is a very sober description of the Islamic terrorist threat we are faced with .

02 September 2007

Promising Iraq developments

WashTimes editorial

With evidence mounting that the troop "surge" in Iraq is achieving results, even diehard opponents of the war like Sens. Carl Levin and Dick Durbin have been forced to concede that the change in strategy ordered by President Bush is working militarily. The American public seems to believe that victory can be achieved in Iraq.
According to a UPI/Zogby Poll released on Wednesday, 54 percent of Americans said the war is not lost. So, in recent weeks, these politicians have turned their attention to the lack of political progress in Iraq.

But on Sunday, five Iraqi political leaders (Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shi'ite; President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd; Vice President Tariq Hashemi, a Sunni; Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, a Shi'ite; and Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan Regional Government) announced they had reached agreement on "de-Ba'athification" — the policy that barred many members of Saddam Hussein's overwhelmingly Sunni Ba'ath Party from holding positions in the post-Saddam government. They also agreed on provincial elections; a law to distribute oil revenue; and a law providing for the release of prisoners held without charge. All of these changes were demanded by the Iraqi Accordance Front, the major Sunni bloc in parliament, which created a political firestorm when it withdrew its six ministers from from the government Aug. 1.

01 September 2007

Iran Poised to take Over in Iraq

New Media Alliance writer Sher Zieve has a warning for us.

Here's the last paragraph:

The real and lasting problem is that these US politicians are making it easier for those who would destroy us to affect their goal of world domination. Our enemy’s mission could not have been executed better if the US Democrat Legislature had signed a formal contract with Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad knows in his being of beings that if the Democrats retain their power base, worse yet win the 2008 presidency, the end of the US will be almost complete. And it’s a pending disaster that too many US citizens don’t seem to understand or even deign to recognize. But, the enemies of our country have seen and known it for decades.

You can read all of it here

Last week some of you reading this received an email from me asking for some help.
Normally I don't do that. In this instance, however, I felt strongly about the organization I represented, Gathering of Eagles, and the man responsible for that organization.

Captain Larry Bailey, (USN)Ret. was a member of SEAL Team 2. I have met the man, worked for him, and support his efforts in every way I can. His intentions are honorable and he has the best interests of our military and our Nation at the center of his efforts.

I recieved a response from one person who doesn't like being asked for money.
To drive home his point, he changed the subject line in the response to
"Eagles Money-begging" and wrote "Don*t ask me for money again"

Unfortunately, being a grassroots activist will put you on lists of people who need funds to deliver a message.

I hate being asked for donations, and I hate asking, but we are here to support our men and women in harm's way, and expose the agenda of radical leftists in America. (like the ones referenced in a previous post).

We are not funded by anyone or any group; we use our own money for any work we do for this effort., unlike the anti-war/anti-military/anti-America/pro-terrorist crowds, who are all linked in one way or another to large well-funded organizations like United for Peace and Justice and Workers World Party.

If you don't want to receive requests for donations, take yourself off the lists.
Don't join groups which actively promote agendas.
Sit back, be quiet and let the adults handle things.
We'll let you know when it's safe to come out.