18 September 2007

Pictures from Friday Saturday & Sunday

More Pics

Duncan Hunter addresses the Gathering of Eagles Rally on Saturday 15 Septmeber

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
14 September 2007
The date stamp is wrong cause I'm to lazy to change it
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Ever Wonder Why Conservative Girls are Better Looking?

If this doesn't make you change your politics, you're dead.

March of the Useful Idiots

My Favorite Terrorist

Ouside NBC Studios Sunday Morning

Senator John McCain Shakes Hands With GoE

He Really Is A Class Act

The t-shirt has the definition of Swiftboating


Leta said...

Nice job mister but....there seems to be one VERY special photo missing from Friday night?????

GREAT to see you, to stand with you and to show our troops how much we love, appreciate and support them.

Let's do it again!!!

Anonymous said...


Concrete Bob! Your Pics actually came out GREAT! but...

Who IS that Handsome guy standing next to you with the Cowboy hat on! Hahaha


yankeemom said...

It was so great to meet you, Concrete Bob!!
I have a great photo of you and Leta!!
Thanks for all you do, CB!

GunnNutt said...

I miss you, man! Thanks for posting the pics.

Tracy said...

It was nice to meet you Concrete Bob!! You are a force to be reckoned with that's for sure!