12 September 2007

Spreadin' The Love or Karma is a great force

Oh Man...what a night. I got autographs, I met people, I got LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Not that kind of lucky) ;)

The last Freedom Concert of the year was held last night at 6 Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson, NJ. I was lucky enough to have been given two tickets by a friend in New York.

Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Ollie North, Mark Levin, Jon Voight, Lee Greenwood, Eddie Montgomery (Montgomery Gentry). I shook their hands, I spoke to them, gave them flyers for the Rally. I thanked Jon Voight personally for stepping up and helping Move America Forward with their cross country caravan.

I was re-introduced to Greg Garvey and John Wroblewski. Those who attended the Rally in Johnstown last October may recognize those names.
(John's son was with the 2/4 Marines in Ramadi and died fighting the terrorists.)

I found out that Greg and I worked for the same road building contractors in the 70's. Small world.

The young PFC from the 10th Mountain Division I took to the concert has memories that will last him a lifetime.

Capt. Larry Bailey USN (Ret), Chairman of GOE, got me backstage, and from there, I was able to get this young PFC in a position to meet Montgomery Gentry, and get their autographs, (they signed his shirt), and once they learned he was being deployed to Iraq at the end of the week, they made him the center of attention for about 15 minutes.

Eddie Montgomery loves the troops, loves the military, as much as I do, and makes no apologies for it. The man is a true Patriot.

Larry also bragged about me to G. Gordon Liddy yesterday morning on the radio.

I have another story regarding Larry and his VIP pass, but I'll have to save that for later. Short version, I became Capt Bailey's de-facto XO for the evening.

We left the park about 1130 and drove straight through to DC, where I dropped off the PFC with my buddy Chad at Catholic University, and I made it home at 0500.

Uh-huh, I'm tired, and HAPPY, and delighted that everything turned out better than any amount of planning could have accomplished.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped me make the PFC's last few days in the States as memorable as I wanted them to be.

These kids deserve every thing we can do. I feel like I did something good.
What a great country.


Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to have such a good time, Bob. Can't think of a more deserving fella! Keep up the good fight, and Semper Fi!



I'm allmost in tears that I am going to miss DC this weekend!!

Maj Pain said...

Good job warrior!