13 September 2007

Rush In A Hurry

General Petraeus made the Democrats look like idiots, and they are now struggling to find a new Iraq strategy. These arrogant Dems, lead by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, continually get skunked by George W. Bush. This week is another Wellstone Memorial-type moment for the Democrat Party.

Naming a hurricane after an illegal immigrant is not right. Hurricane Humberto was only supposed to be a tropical storm, but suddenly they've upgraded it.

Norman Hsu left a suicide note, coining a new Rush-ism. Near death by campaign contributions will now be known as "Hsu-icide."

Chris Matthews interviewed Laura Ingraham and commented on her looks, calling her "one of God's gifts to men." This brings to mind Matthews' recent comments to the CNBC Street Sweetie. Rush recommends Laura's book "Power to the People." Buy It Now. It's inspirational, and really well done.

I met Laura at the Freedom Concert Tuesday night. I hate to agree with Prissy Matthews on anything, but he's right on this one. That Lady is fabulous.

Michael O'Shea has written a fabulous column critiquing the Democrats' childish behavior on Iraq.

The Treasury Department says the federal deficit is running 9.8% lower than last year. The Bush tax cuts keep producing more revenue to the federal treasury, but the Democrats and Drive-Bys want them repealed in the worst way.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton gave some ridiculous answers in an online forum. Biden says that coal and corn syrup are more dangerous than terrorism, and Mrs. Clinton claims that she was against the war in Iraq when she voted for it.

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