30 August 2008

Marines Doing Good Work

The hoopla and huge sighs of relief brought on by Senator John SIDNEY McCain's pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate shouldn't keep us from remembering that we still have Marines in Iraq doing good things.The 1st Marine RCT-1 is in Fallujah and turning on the power. See pics and read more here.

FALLUJAH, Iraq – Nearly 10,000 Fallujah homes were restored with electricity access thanks to Marines working closely with the Fallujah City Council to deliver 35 new generators throughout the city.

Civil Affairs Team 2, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, in direct support of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, along with Sheik Hamid Ahmad Hashim al-Alwani, chairman of the FCC, announced the delivery of the 32nd generator during an Iraqi press briefing Aug. 27 at a site in the city where one of the generators has been producing power for the last three months.

“From the time we arrived in January, there was a local demand for generators throughout the city,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Byron Yoshida, team leader, Civil Affairs Team 2. “Initially, the project was sub-divided by precincts and eventually it became a city-wide project of providing the 35 generators.”

In early March, an informal Iraqi committee was formed and locations for the generators were proposed to Marines with Team 2. Since then, Team 2 has worked closely with contractors to deliver the units. Each generator will provide anywhere from 100 to 300 homes with electricity within a 300 meter radius. Yoshida said he anticipates having all of the generators delivered in time for the end of Ramadan celebrations, which occur Oct. 1.

While some neighborhoods receive power from privately-owned generators, the new units are available to all residents for minimal fees and are managed by trained Iraqi operators.

“We trained and certified operators who are responsible for keeping residents connected and keeping the generator operating using preventive maintenance,” Yoshida said. “The operators are obligated to ensuring the generators provide a minimum of seven hours of power on a daily basis to offset the shortage of national power.”

Sheik Hamid said he is grateful the generators arrived in time for the hotter portion of the summer and for Ramadan, but noted they are a short-term fix for a larger
problem. The city had previously used hydroelectric power produced by the
Haditha Dam, which has not been in full operation for several years due to neglect by the Saddam regime.

29 August 2008

Meet Governor Sarah Palin

Governor Palin was elected as the youngest and first female Governor of Alaska in 2006. She and her husband Todd are parents to five children, the oldest of whom is serving our country in the US Army. As Governor, she has been a true reformer, working to clean up politics in Alaska with passage of an ethics bill and putting an end to pork-barrel projects- including putting an end to the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" project. She has a strong pro-life record, and is a lifetime member of the NRA.

Governor Palin has a proven track record of service to her community and her state, and she has demonstrated real leadership and a commitment to reform. I know that she will be a great asset to our ticket, and she will work with Senator McCain to clean up Washington.

More from her 2006 Campaign Website:

Sarah's parents arrived in Alaska in 1964 to teach school in Skagway.
After moving to the Valley and graduating from Wasilla High, Sarah earned her Journalism degree from the University of Idaho. She worked in media and the utility industry before beginning her public service 14 years ago.
Sarah was elected to two terms on the Wasilla City Council, and then two terms as the Mayor / Manager of Alaska's fastest growing community. During her tenure as Mayor she reduced property tax levels while increasing services and made Wasilla a business friendly environment drawing in new industry. The responsibility of managing dozens of employees including a growing police department and public works department, and overseeing the multimillion dollar capital and operating budgets provided her with hands-on, 21st Century relevant administrative experience. Sarah's demonstrated leadership was also recognized when she was elected by her mayoral peers as President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. In this role, she worked with local, state and federal officials to promote solutions to the needs of Alaska's communities.
Sarah served as Chairman of Alaska's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which regulates Alaska's most valuable non-renewable resources: oil and gas. She also served on the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. Sarah was named one of Alaska's "Top 40 Under 40", Alaska's Public Works "Person of the Year", and was recently inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society at Alaska Pacific University.
Married to the three-time champion of the world's longest snowmachine race (the Iron Dog), Sarah's husband is also a lifelong Alaskan and is a production operator on the North Slope. Todd and Sarah commercial fish together in Bristol Bay, being joined at their sites with their kids: Track, Bristol, Willow, and Piper. The state's Alaska Native heritage plays an important role in the life of this family.
Sarah is currently an elected board member of Valley Hospital, has served on numerous boards and commissions throughout the State, and stays active as a marathon runner, sports team mom, hockey manager and school volunteer.
Sarah's a lifetime member of the NRA and enjoys hunting, fishing, Alaska history, and all that Alaska's great outdoors has to offer.

22 August 2008

Legacy of the Second-503 BCT 173DABN

The men and women of Second Battalion 503D Regiment 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade (Sep) have left lasting memories of their 15 month deployment to northeastern Afghanistan.

In addition to the memories they keep of their fallen brothers, they have left monuments to the sacrifices made in the shape of a better life for the Afghan people. Better medical care, better roads, clean water supplies, and most of all, the chance to become educated. The oportunity to learn, as we do, free from fear of reprisal from sadistic monsters who place women below cattle in stature. Twisted humans who believe they are superior and enforce that superiority through acts of barbarism and terror.

The Second 503 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade (Sep) left their mark on northeastern Afghanistan, "Enemy Central", by building schools.

One of the first opened last week.

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan (August 20, 2008) – For the children of Bagram Village Girl’s High School, August 19 was the start of a new semester. Students filtered through the gate the same as any other school day, but were surprised to see their school had changed since the end of the last semester.
Thanks to the efforts of the Afghan government and U.S. forces, the school reopened with three new classrooms, running water, a fresh coat of paint, new desks, and a wall surrounding the perimeter.
“You can see a lot of difference in the students’ faces,” said Naqeeba, administrator and headmaster of the school. “The students are good here without help, but we see that our government cares about us. It’s been a month and a half since they came to our school and asked what we needed, and since then we have seen good progress.”
The five-year-old school has seen few improvements since opening, but hard-working students have made the school an academic powerhouse in the area.
The school received an award from the Parwan provincial minister of education for its record of having the most students graduate and advance to higher education.
“When the Taliban was in power, it was illegal for girls to go to school, but we never forgot how important it is to educate all Afghan children.
This school used to be housing for Russian pilots, but the government of Afghanistan helped us make it usable as a place of education.” Before the Soldiers left the students to their learning, they helped teachers and local officials pass out backpacks with school supplies to the students.
“A lot of families can’t even afford to buy paper or a pen for their children,” said
Subhanallah, a teacher at the school. “We don’t have a lot of money, but I see a bright future for schools in this area. What matters most is the students are interested in studying and learning, and the people here see the value in education.”

13 August 2008

Last Thoughts on Former Obama Muslim Advisor and His Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

Now that the furor has died down over the [1] resignation of Mazen Asbahi, the former Obama campaign Muslim outreach coordinator, it may be instructive to take an overall view of the question of his ties to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.
Unfortunately, the larger question of these ties has gotten lost in the media focus only on his membership on the board of a Brotherhood organization where an imam of a mosque implicated in Brotherhood/Hamas support activities also served.
Further confusing this issue is the [2] spin pushed by the U.S. Brotherhood itself which has claimed that Asbahi’s service on the board of Allied Asset Advisers is being used to “smear” Mr. Asbahi. What then is actually know about Mr. Asbahi himself?

According to a local media [3] account, Mr. Asbahi, the son of immigrants from Syria, grew up in Northville Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1996, graduating with a degree in political science and Islamic studies, followed by Northwestern University law school and then became an attorney in Chicago. Left out of this account is Mr. Asbahi’s role as a leader of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at the University of Michigan as discussed in an earlier [4] post. In 2000, probably while still in law school or shortly after graduation, he joined the board of Allied Asset Advisers as a trustee. As the original [5] post on Mr. Asbahi detailed, Allied Assets Advisers is a subsidiary of the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), in turn a part of the U.S Muslim Brotherhood and associated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). NAIT was instrumental in the early development of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and is the current title holder to a very large number of U.S. mosques and Islamic facilities. As this post also observed, the other five Allied trustees were all important leaders of the U.S Muslim Brotherhood including not only Jamal Said, the imam in question, but also four others, two of which have been identified in court documents and internal Brotherhood documents as part of the U.S. Brotherhood.

Mr. Asbahi has been widely quoted as stating that he resigned from the Allied board when learning about the allegations against Mr. Said whose mosque was later implicated by a Chicago Tribune [6] investigation in activities related to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. While no documentation has been produced to support his stated reasons for resignation, even taking Mr. Asbahi’s explanation at face value raises an even more important question which no journalist has yet thought to raise. How does a 24/25 year old law student or newly-minted lawyer come to be awarded fiduciary responsibility for a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood financial organization along with five other nationally known U.S. Brotherhood leaders? While part of the answer may lie in Mr. Asbahi’s leadership in the Muslim Student Association, experience with the Brotherhood suggest that family connections could also be a fruitful area for

It should also be repeated that Mr. Asbahi went on to join four other organizations with connections to the U.S. Brotherhood. Three of these have been discussed in earlier [4] posts to which a fourth, can be added– the Nawawi Foundation, an Illinois organization that also has Ingrid Mattson, the current ISNA president on its [7] board. Mr Asbahi’s history of service to U.S. Brotherhood linked organizations and his close proximity to U.S. Brotherhood leaders along with his fiduciary responsibility for a Brotherhood financial organization strongly suggest that the question of Mr.
Asbahi’s ties to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood was and remains an important issue to examine in connection with an adviser to a U.S. Presidential candidate.

10 August 2008

How Long Did It Take?

Rich Carroll articulates the thoughts that have been on many people's minds. There's too much question surrounding Obama andMichelle's real ideology. Too many sinister associations make me suspicious. Also his past is still a blank. Have you ever thought about where Obama gets all his campaign money---more than Hillary or McCain put together in such a short span of time?

The Jihad Candidate

Conspiracy theories make for interesting novels when the storyline is not so absurd that it can grasp our attention. 'TheManchurian Candidate' and 'Seven Days in May' are examples of plausible chains of events that captures the reader's imagination at best-seller level.
'What if' has always been the solid grist of fiction. Get yourself something cool to drink, find a relaxing position, but before you continue, visualize the television photos of two jet airliners smashing into the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan and remind yourself this cowardly act of Muslim terror was planned for eight years.

How long did it take Islam and their oil money to find a candidate for President of the United States? As long as it took them to place a Senator from Illinois and Minnesota?
The same amount of time to create a large Muslim enclave in Detroit?
The time it took them to build over 2,000 mosques in America? The same amount of time required to place radical wahabbist clerics in our military and prisons as 'chaplains'?
Find a candidate who can get away with lying about their father being a 'freedom fighter' when he was actually part of the most corrupt and violent government in Kenya's history.
Find a candidate with close ties to The Nation of Islam and the violent Muslim overthrow in Africa, a candidate who is educated among white infidel Americans but hides his bitterness and anger behind a superficial toothy smile.
Find a candidate who changes his American name of Barry to the Muslim name of Barak Hussein Obama, and dares anyone to question his true ties under the banner of 'racism'. Nurture this candidate in an atmosphere of anti-white American teaching and surround him with Islamic teachers. Provide him with a bitter, racist, anti-white, anti-American wife, and supply him with Muslim middle east connections and Islamic monies. Allow him to be clever enough to get away with his anti-white rhetoric and proclaim he will give $834 billion taxpayer dollars to the Muslim controlled United Nations for use in Africa.
Install your candidate in an atmosphere of deception because questioning him on any issue involving Africa or Islam would be seen as 'bigoted racism'; two words too power ful to allow the citizenry to be informed of facts.
Allow your candidate to employ several black racist Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan followers as members of his Illinois Senatorial and campaign staffs.
Where is the bloodhound American 'free press' who doggedly overturned every stone in the Watergate case? Where are our nation's reporters that have placed every Presidential candidate under the microscope of detailed scrutiny; the same press who pursue Bush's 'Skull and Bones' club or ran other candidates off with persistent detective and research work?
Why haven't 'newsmen' pursued the 65 blatant lies told by this candidate during the Presidential primaries? Where are the stories about this candidate's cousin and the Muslim butchery in Africa? Since when did our national press corps become weak, timid, and silent? Why haven't they regaled us with the long list of socialists and communists who have surrounded this 'out of nowhere' Democratic candidate or that his church pre-printed the Hamas Manifesto in their bulletin, and that his 'close pastor, friend and mentor' met with Middle East terrorist Moammar Gaddafi, (Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People'sLibyan Arab Jamahiriya)?
Why isn't the American press telling us this candidate is supported by every Muslim organization in the world? As an ultimate slap in the face, be blatant in the fact your candidate has ZERO interest in traditional American values and has the most liberal voting record in U.S. Senate history. Why has the American main stream media clammed-up on any negative reporting on Barak Hussein Obama? Why will they print Hillary Rodham Clinton's name but never write his middle name? Is it not his name? Why, suddenly, is ANY information about this candidate not coming from main stream media, but from the blogosphere by citizens seeking facts and the truth? Why isn't our media connecting the dots with Islam? Why do they focus on 'those bad American soldiers' while Islam slaughters non-Muslims daily in 44 countries around the globe? Why does our media refer to Darfur as 'ethnic cleansing' instead of what it really is; Muslims killing Non-Muslims! There is enough strange, anti-American activity surrounding Barak Hussein Obama to peek the curiosity of any reporter.


A formal plan for targeting America was devised three years after the Iranian revolution in 1982. The plan was summarized in a 1991 memorandum by Mohamed Akram, an operative of the global Muslim Brotherhood.

'The process of settlement' of Muslims in America, Akram explained, 'is a civilization jihad process.' This means that members of the Brotherhood must understand that their work in 'America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions.'

There is terrorism we can see, smell and fear, but there is a new kind of terror invading The United States in the form of Sharia law and finance. Condoning it is civilization suicide. Middle East Muslims are coming toAmerica in record numbers and building hate infidel mosques, buying our corporations, suing us for our traditions, but they and the whole subject of Islam is white noise leaving uninformed Americans about who and what is really peaceful.
Where is our investigative press? Any criticism of Islam or their intentions, even though Islamic leaders state their intentions daily around the globe, brings-forth a volley of 'racist' from the left-wing Democrat crowd. Lies and deception behind a master plan - the ingredients for 'The Manchurian Candidate' or the placement of an anti-AmericanPresident in our nation's White House?
Is it mere coincidence that an anti-capitalist runs for President at the same time Islamic sharia finance and law is trying to make advancing strides into the United States? Is it mere coincidence this same candidate wants to dis-arm our nuclear capability at a time when terrorist Muslim nations are expanding their nuclear weapons capability? Is it mere coincidence this candidate wants to reduce our military at a time of global jihad from Muslim nations?
Change for America? What change? To become another 'Nation of Islam'?
Keeping this to yourself does NOT get the word out to those who need to read it.
For THOSE to take over is for us to do NOTHING!!