01 September 2007

Iran Poised to take Over in Iraq

New Media Alliance writer Sher Zieve has a warning for us.

Here's the last paragraph:

The real and lasting problem is that these US politicians are making it easier for those who would destroy us to affect their goal of world domination. Our enemy’s mission could not have been executed better if the US Democrat Legislature had signed a formal contract with Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad knows in his being of beings that if the Democrats retain their power base, worse yet win the 2008 presidency, the end of the US will be almost complete. And it’s a pending disaster that too many US citizens don’t seem to understand or even deign to recognize. But, the enemies of our country have seen and known it for decades.

You can read all of it here

Last week some of you reading this received an email from me asking for some help.
Normally I don't do that. In this instance, however, I felt strongly about the organization I represented, Gathering of Eagles, and the man responsible for that organization.

Captain Larry Bailey, (USN)Ret. was a member of SEAL Team 2. I have met the man, worked for him, and support his efforts in every way I can. His intentions are honorable and he has the best interests of our military and our Nation at the center of his efforts.

I recieved a response from one person who doesn't like being asked for money.
To drive home his point, he changed the subject line in the response to
"Eagles Money-begging" and wrote "Don*t ask me for money again"

Unfortunately, being a grassroots activist will put you on lists of people who need funds to deliver a message.

I hate being asked for donations, and I hate asking, but we are here to support our men and women in harm's way, and expose the agenda of radical leftists in America. (like the ones referenced in a previous post).

We are not funded by anyone or any group; we use our own money for any work we do for this effort., unlike the anti-war/anti-military/anti-America/pro-terrorist crowds, who are all linked in one way or another to large well-funded organizations like United for Peace and Justice and Workers World Party.

If you don't want to receive requests for donations, take yourself off the lists.
Don't join groups which actively promote agendas.
Sit back, be quiet and let the adults handle things.
We'll let you know when it's safe to come out.

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