23 September 2007

Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee

Unfortunately, I am watching live FoxNews coverage of the protests at Columbia University.
I say unfortunately, because Jerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera) has been assigned to cover it.

But thats not the issue. I keep hearing the terms 1st Amendment, free speech, open dialogue being tossed around as if they were suddenly important to some of these students.

If these concepts are so important now that Monkey Boy Imeanajihad, a known terrorist; proven murderer of American citizens; supplier of weapons to insurgents in Iraq; supplier of weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon wants to speak,
why were they not important when an American citizen with no links to any known terrorist group; no record of any infractions of the laws of this country; no agenda other than the security of America wanted to speak?

Because the Minuteman Project didn't fit the marxist/socialist agenda.
The Minutemen reperesent concepts these students/anarchists/useful idiots are afraid of;
Courage, Honor, Dedication to Country

It's a damn shame.

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