20 January 2010

DCProtestWarrior in Norfolk With NCGOE

DCProtestWarrior was on the ground with NCGOE on Tuesday supporting the SEAL 3. I met former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, candidate for Republican representative for the 2nd District of Virginia. This blog supports Scott Taylor. He has voluteered to continue to serve our Nation. OOOOOOOOOORAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

A huge THANK YOU and props to Dunkin Donuts for providing the hot coffee, donut holes and the cool cups. Above and beyond, friends.

Congressional Candidate Scott Taylor Attends Rallies for State Rights and our Troops

Virginia Beach, Virginia - 1/20/2010 -
Congressional candidate Scott Taylor recently attended rallies in support of state rights and our troops. The former was held in Richmond outside of the General Assembly as state lawmakers went back to work with heavy budgetary constraints. "As a representative of the people, I believe the Federal Government's power grab needs to be halted, if not slowed tremendously." said Taylor. "I fully support HB10 proposed by Delegate Bob Marshall in the Virginia House of Delegates. It is unconstitutional to force American citizens to purchase health care."

Taylor also helped to organize a rally in support of three Navy SEAL's who are facing trial for alleged assault on terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, who orchestrated the murder of four US Citizens and mutilated their bodies for the world to see. Two of the men facing trial have had their trials moved to Iraq, where a military tribunal will decide their fate. "We are standing by these brave men. I find it quite backwards that Washington will spend our tax dollars to send Navy SEAL's to Iraq to face a military tribunal, while at the same time spending tax dollars to send terrorists to New York to sit in civilian courts."

We would like to congratulate Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts on his impressive victory yesterday.

Scott Taylor is a former Navy SEAL, Iraq War-Veteran, and a small-business owner in Virginia Beach. He is currently running for the US Congress in Virginia's 2nd District. The district is comprised of Virginia Beach, Virginia's Eastern Shore and parts of Norfolk and Hampton Virginia.

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