26 July 2007

Tagged...Just DAMN!!!

OK here goes:
1. When I was 14 I saw Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, with the Swinging Medallions, at the Mosque (now the Landmark)
2. When I was 15 I saw The Dave Clark 5 and The Trogs (Wild Thing) at the Mosque.
3. When I was 6 I burned down my neighbor's outhouse.
4. I am the oldest of 4 and I have done jail time, it's tradition.
5. I don't like black widow or brown recluse spiders, or wasps.
6. I have welded in water up to my waist.
7. I have jumped out of airplanes
8. My mother is still the coolest person I know.

Now who gets tagged:
Oh yeah..My Buddy
AG Sorry E, they made me do it.
AWTMThis Lady is so nice. I always get her confused with someone else. Very embarrassing for me.
ASPC'mon, humour us..


FbL said...

Okay, who tagged you and what are the rules?

BostonMaggie said...

Notice there isn't a little disclaimer after my name about being so nice? LOL I wonder why!

Army Wife said...


you do always think I am someone else. I need to start acting crazier....to ruin "her" reputation!

ConcreteBob said...

I'll help ;)

GunnNutt said...

I read Flora's post first, without knowing it was hers, and I thought it was You, cbob! I guess I should'v known when she said she'd never been in the pokey. :)

Sammy D said...

Concretebob - OMG I LOVE Mitch Ryder (Devil with the Blue Dress - Detroit 1967??) and the Troggs - I WAS Wild Thing. LOL And what about spilling your guts on how bootylicious your butt was in those jeans at the MBlog cocktail party???? Uh huh, we ALL thought so, didn't we girls??!!??

ConcreteBob said...

He was stoned or drunk, and fell off the stage. It was still a good show. Always have been a Mitch Ryder fan. Swinging Medallions,,(Double Shot of My Baby's Love)..beach music..what an era, eh?

ConcreteBob said...

and you shoulda said something while I was there. Bootylicious???
I prefer Honky-tonk badonkadonk, but any comment (and an occasional pat) on my butt is appreciated.