05 July 2007

Evil Is Definable

Anyone still entertaining doubts as to the degree of pure evil we are dealing with should look no farther than London's nightclub district.

Not only did the fanatics build and plant two fuel/air devices, they inculded the added bonus of galvanized roofing nails to spice things up.

There is no doubt that one device was targeted at young people; it's the second one that defines the level of evil.

The other device was designed to take out the first responders who were going to be faced with the most extreme injuries imaginable. After shaking off the initial shock of the devastation, professional EMT's would go to work, helping the first ones they came to, catching young club goers walking around in a daze, faces bleeding, burned, following the screams...

it will be then that the second device is detonated. The first responders, no doubt using oxygen on some of the victims, would be caught off-guard, flaming nails punching holes in emergency vehicles, propane bottles exploding, gasoline adding to the inferno, and then the O2 bottles exploding, accelerating the fireball and spreading shrapnel.

Here's s bit of irony; I would venture to estimate that 90% of the young people who would have been directly affected had that fuel/air device been detonated, would be the ones who side with the "Give Peace A Chance" crowd. They would be the first to decry the War on Terror as a right wing plot, and probably 50% of those believe 9/11 was an inside job.

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