03 July 2007

Methinks they doth protest too loudly

"George Bush has commuted the sentence of Scooter Libby and wiped away two and a half years of prison time with the stroke of his pen. President Bush is willfully ignoring Libby’s felony conviction, ignoring the jury’s guilty verdict, and ignoring the rule of law. Our nation deserves better.
"Tell George Bush: ‘I’m appalled by your actions. No man is above the law.’”
Schumer adds, "We need to show Bush his actions just aren’t acceptable.”
"We expect more from our president,” laments the senator. "We expect honor and integrity, we expect moral leadership. We expect our president and his staff to be held to a higher standard.”
Schumer concludes, "It’s at times like these that I realize just how important a strong Democratic Senate is to our nation. Democrats are fighting the Republican’s abuse of power but we can’t do it without your help.”

You mean like the honor, integrity and moral leadership displayed by your butt monkey buddy billy clinton?
Is that the honor and integrity you're referring to, Chuckie Boy?

You mean the abuse of power demonstrated by the clintoon clowns when they fired the travel staff, looked through confidential FBI files, and burned 86 men, women and children to death in Waco, Texas? That kind of abuse of power, Chuckles?

You're a raging hypocrite, an enabler of the worst sort, and the sooner you are sent back to New York, the safer this Nation will be.

DISCLAIMER:The above is the express opinion of a God-fearin, USA-lovin', gun-totin', camo-wearin, NASCAR watchin', country music listenin', pick-up truck drivin', heterosexual, monagamous, redeneck, former-Marine male.
No one says you have to agree.

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