06 July 2007

Group pushing for release of two imprisoned former Border Patrol agents

Free Campean, Ramos, and Hernandez NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grassfire.org is pushing for the release of Campean and Ramos, the two Border Patrol Agents imprisioned for attempting to stop the flow of illegal drugs into this country. (They shot a known drug smuggler in the ass as he was attempting to shoot them.)

A grassroots border-security organization is calling on the government to release two former Border Patrol agents who are serving long sentences for their actions in the non-lethal shooting of Mexican drug smuggler. A substantial number of people believe the men were only doing their jobs.

Grassfire.org has spoken with the wife of former agent Ignacio Ramos, who is being held in solitary confinement at a federal detention facility in Yazoo City, Mississippi, after being beaten up by other inmates at that prison. Spokesman Ron De Jong says Mrs. Ramos confirms that her husband is not in good health. And neither Ramos nor his fellow former agent Jose Compean, he adds, is able to have much contact with their family.

The media has virtually ignored this story, choosing instead to focus on the plight of Paris Hilton, a spoiled little rich bitch, who had to spend all of 23 days in California jail for violating the terms of her probation. Larry King spent an hour listening this whiny little tramp lie about everything.

Presient Bush did the right thing when he commuted Scooter Libby's sentence, although he should have just told the Special Prosecuter to pound sand and wiped Mr. Libby's record clean.

Now let's see if the President has any decency and does the same for Campean, Ramos, and Texas Deputy Sheriff Hernandez.

This is the story from March of this year:

Two illegal aliens are now suing imprisoned Texas Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez for injuries from shell fragments that struck them as the officer shot at the tires of a van in which they escaped from a routine traffic stop.

Hernandez was sentenced last week to one-year plus one-day in federal prison for criminally violating the civil rights of the illegal aliens who were in a van that attempted to run over Hernandez after a traffic stop April 14, 2005, in Rocksprings, Texas. As WND reported, the federal government had recommended a seven-year prison term.

The lawyer for Deputy Hernandez said...Homeland Security "puts undue pressure on the border law enforcement officers, telling them that they are our nation's frontline of defense against another terrorist attack in New York or Washington." "But if you make one single mistake, you may be prosecuted, sent to federal prison, and bankrupt in a civil suit," he said.

A deputy sheriff is convicted of criminally violating the "civil rights" of two "ILLEGAL ALIENS".

If the government keeps locking up the Border Agents and LEO's for doing their job, pretty soon they'll stop doing their job. Why go to prison for doing what you've been trained to do?

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