05 July 2007

MRAPS and John (They killed civilians in cold blood) Murtha

The new MineResistantAmbushProtected (MRAP) vehicle (The Buffalo), looks like a good idea. The Marines seem to like the ones already in-country. You can see one by clicking on the MNF-West (II-MEU) link in the sidebar, and clicking on the Anbar Report.

Along comes John Murtha, that brilliant military tactician, defender of the principles of innocent until proven guilty, supporter of Marines and soldiers everywhere, and tells the entire world that building and shipping these life-saving vehicles to Iraq would be a waste and take too long.

But he still supports the troops. As long as they are in Okinawa.
I'd hate to see what he wouldn't do if he didn't like soldiers and Marines.

FoxNews has the story here.

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