09 July 2007

From El Rushbo

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The Drive-By Media chat shows were buzzing with talk of America's Anchorman over the weekend. The Man Who Runs America impacted the Scooter Libby commutation, the amnesty debate -- and was even compassionate about Algore's son! (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).

Democrats are trying to destroy the president's ability to function over the next year and half by subpoenaing Bush administration officials and forcing the president to invoke executive privilege. They're also trying to bring about American defeat in Iraq, and the Republicans in Washington are caving. Americans would put up with the Iraq war, where the surge is working, but the politicians in Washington don't seem to have the stomach for it. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).

The truth about Iraq is just not getting out. Al-Qaeda is committing unspeakable atrocities over there. They're baking young children and serving them to their parents. The Drive-By Media - and sadly, the White House - won't tell you about this, or show you photos of Al-Qaeda atrocities. We're in a battle with a barbaric enemy which has sworn to kill us unless we kill them first, but the West turns a blind eye, and blames our culture for their evil. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).

Algore's Live Earth concert bombed, as predicted by El Rushbo. NBC ratings were terrible and a Rasmussen poll shows that 75% of the country didn't pay any attention to it at all. The whole global warming movement has jumped the shark and is dying a slow death. A plane even flew over Giants Stadium with a banner: "Don't Believe Al Gore!" Meanwhile, Democrats are proposing a carbon tax! Rush finds a great article on Live Earth which highlights how the envirowackos don't want Africa to develop because another developed continent will pollute. They favor "development by dung." No joke, folks. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here).

Bush Derangement Syndrome: The Democrat base is more livid than ever. They think Dick Cheney is Richard Nixon, and Mother Sheehan says she will run against Pelosi if the impeachment of Bush isn't given a vote.

A Drive-By reporterette writes a fascinating story on the depth of Mrs. Clinton's negatives. White female voters are guilty because they just can't seem to like her. It's White Gal Guilt.
A caller asks Rush where all the statesmen have gone in the Republican Party. All the statesmen are on talk radio today, with a couple of exceptions. One of those is Senator Jeff Sessions (R- AL) who will be the subject of the next Limbaugh Letter interview.

The Breck Girl announces a "poverty tour." The theme is "Rewarding Work." What a great idea! They could call this reward a "paycheck."

Chuck Hagel says that he won't run for president as an independent. Yawn.

New York magazine destroys Katie Couric in their latest issue. It's curious for the Drive-By Media to attack its own like this. It could be some jealousy at work out there, combined with some disgruntled people inside CBS.

A new "green" federal building in San Francisco is a disaster. It has limited AC and the elevator only stops at every third floor to save energy! It's also attracting homeless who want to sleep there.

A 70-year-old woman is jailed for not watering her lawn.

Madonna simulated sex with a guitar at Live Earth. Is global warming not important enough for Madonna to go all the way and do the real thing?

A caller ends the show by telling El Rushbo he makes her feel safe.

All this and much more will be at RushLimbaugh.com tonight when we update the site.

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