12 July 2007

Events of Note

Soldiers Angels can always use some help. I have pledged $25 a month.
Whatcha got?

The National FreedomWalk will be held in Washington DC on 9 September 2007. You can pre-register (highly recommended) here.

On 14 September as many people as possible should be in Washington DC.
7200 Georgia Ave NW at 1800 hours.
Here's why.

On 15 September, moonbats of every socialist persuasion will descend upon our Nation's Capital to protest the report of General David Patreaus to Congress on the progress of the surge. They will be there with their signs calling for impeachment, stop the war, stop killing terrorists, stop killing babies, save the planet, bush is war criminal yada yada yada.
I wish these people would come up with something original.

As an added bonus, if given the chance they will spit on a soldier, and call him a baby killer.
Oh and they'll have signs that say "we support the troops when they kill their officers".
If you're curious there is a link. and here.
Here is the best source.

The weekend of 4 and 5 October in Washington DC Americans for Prosperity will hold its national Defending the American Dream summit.
You can read about it here

1 comment:

yankeemom said...

I'll be there - free from CA and in my new home in VA! Been putting up with their nonsense for long enough out here!

Proud Army Mom in a Code Pink town ~
(But not for long)