26 July 2007

Foreign Collaborators Of The American “Insurgency”

The Reality Check

by Christopher G. Adamo

America understands that, had Bin Laden been killed or captured on September 12 2001, America would still have faced a protracted war on terror no less extensive than it has since endured. Dealing with the al Qaeda leader is a worthy goal, but hardly the end of the conflict.

Ultimately, September 11 represented neither a superior military capability on the part of the terrorists when assaulting the American homeland, nor immunity to its staunchest defenses. Rather, it was the predictable result of an insidious and plotting enemy who understands that its quarry has, primarily in the spiritual sense grown weak, and over time became vulnerable.

It was not the strength of the Islamists, but frailties within the fabric of the nation, that must be recognized as its primary vulnerability to attack. Mortal enemies of the American ideal have existed since its founding. But not until the current age could they operate as they have in their efforts to destroy the nation while openly demanding sympathy and compliance.

Thus, the ongoing danger to America must be addressed on numerous fronts, not the least of which is within the domestic culture. For it is there that crucial incursions can be made, from which larger and more encompassing attacks can eventually be staged.

Those flaws in the American bulwarks of protection result from flaws in philosophies which have become predominant in this nation during the past four decades of so. And while they exist primarily on the political left, having not been challenged sufficiently, they have, over time, tainted an ever-greater segment of political/social thinking.

Recent events should remind us that the enemy which attacked America on 9-11 is still waiting and watching, and will not hesitate to strike again when any opportunity presents itself. Nor is it alone. Other forces, no less ominous and hostile to everything that is America, likewise seek to widen any cracks that exist in the national defenses.

Just this past week, the Democrat led Senate shot down an attempt to protect Americans from the intimidation of being sued for reporting the suspicious activity of possible terrorists. Thankfully, the proposal has since been restored, though it never should have been in question.

The measure was proposed in direct response to the recent lawsuit filed by the six Imams at Minneapolis Airport who deliberately acted in a manner that could be construed as a terrorist plot and were reported as such. That any member of the Senate would have allowed the lawsuits to proceed is all but unthinkable.

It may seem inflammatory to parallel Congressional Democrats and America’s liberal culture with Islamists, but it is also, unfortunately, entirely fitting. As with the Democrat cheerleading for the expected eventuality of an Al Qaeda victory in Iraq, the militant Islamists benefit greatly from such collaboration.

Yet the possibility of a Muslim offensive is not the only major cultural threat facing the nation. No less an incursion looms on the nation’s southern border, and in this case, Republicans and many who consider themselves on the political “right” are every bit as culpable.

If anything, the threat posed by Mexico may prove to be greater, since it has pressed relentlessly forward. And with none of the drama of the collapsing towers, it is rarely driven back.

In many respects, the entire open borders controversy, the ultimate threat it poses to the nation’s future, and the steps necessary to restore American nationalism, are encapsulated by the horrendous injustice dealt against border agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. Currently imprisoned for shooting a known drug smuggler, they epitomize the realities of the illegal debate.

This case is particularly prescient since the two are obviously not of Swedish descent. Were the border controversy merely an expression of anti-Hispanic bigotry, Americans who are accused of holding to such prejudices would be content to let them languish in jail.

But Ramos and Compean are Americans, enforcing the laws they swore an oath to uphold, yet railroaded by a system that apparently sees some higher calling than maintaining this country’s laws for the safety and benefit of its people.

Worse yet, though President Bush clearly took the lead in driving back the encroaching forces of militant Islam, he has not done so against the Mexican insurgency. In fact, he has frequently gone so far as to side with the foreigners and against America’s institutions established to ensure the integrity of our national boundaries.

Just as the six Imams have since used the incident they created to threaten others against reporting possible unfolding terrorist plots. The fate of Ramos and Compean can only be construed as Mexico’s attempt to hamstring America’s border control apparatus, for fear that other members may likewise face prison.

Meanwhile, the malevolent pro-illegal organization known as “La Raza” (The Race) is attempting to capitalize on the liberal ruse of criminalizing any political opposition. In Miami last week, the Mexican insurgency reacted to the recent defeat of the amnesty bill by characterizing it as “a wave of hate.”

As liberals continue to press forward with their notion of “hate crimes,” does anyone doubt that La Raza would eventually seek to add “immigration status” to the list of protected categories?

In all of these situations, the insurgent organizations are utilizing American institutions to extend their reach. Clearly the enemy knows where to most effectively attack us. Thus, to properly confront them, those institutions must first be dealt with.

The Islamists and the Mexican Government would not dare engage in such brazen behavior, were it not for the advent of “political correctness” and its adherents in this country, acting in the role of a geopolitical “AIDS virus,” to destroy America’s immunity against such malignant forces by undermining its morality, its heritage, and ultimately, its common sense.

Consequently, the only avenue to ensuring America’s future is the restoration of such crucial components of the national fabric.

Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer and staff writer for the New Media Alliance. He lives in southeastern Wyoming. He has been active in local and state politics for many years. His contact information and archives can be found at www.chrisadamo.com


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