24 June 2012

Stand With Patriots & Demand Justice For Brian Terry

Monday 2 July 2012 1000-1230
North Side of White House
Join us and demand justice for Brian Terry!!!!

because, by God, this whole thing stinks to high heaven of corruption and political agenda.

As citizens of this Nation, we expect to be safe from those who would take our freedom or property or do harm to our liberties in other ways. We have a volunteer system of protectors who insure that safety. Young men and women risk their lives every day protecting our families from danger. They choose to do this because we, as citizens, have determined that a threat exists and it needs to be neutralized or eliminated. Most of us are not capable of performing the actual work required, so we ask these young men and women if they will do it for us.

They ask very little in return. A simple Thank You from us; the acknowledgement of a job well done; the knowledge that WE understand and appreciate the efforts of these exceptionally talented and dedicated citizens.

So when one of these exceptional citizens gives the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of the duties we asked them to perform, we need to mourn the loss, comfort the families and ensure the loss was not in vain or for naught. Brian Terry is a fomer Marine. He served his nation in combat. He did what we asked once. That is all we should ever expect or require. But Brian Terry loved his country so he chose to continue to provide protection for us in other ways. He became a Border Agent because he understood that was where security begins. This is actually something that is written and generally accepted as one of the basic roles of government. Defend the borders.

The government he worked for provided the weapon to the thug who murdered Brian Terry. Someone needs to be held accountable because as citizens, we should expect justice for an exceptional citizen who has dedicated his life and ultimately gave his life doing something we asked him to do.

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