08 June 2012

Leftist Techniques For Obfuscating An Issue

Over at Big Government, there are trolls leaving comments trying to defend the "Kill Scott Walker" crowd by projecting the hate onto the right or simply refusing to answer a direct question. I realize this is nothing new for the useful idiots who really think America is bad and we are the direct cause of all the world's ills. However, the comments can get a little, shall we say, silly.

Case in point: carlhowdy has been responding to my queries about conservative violence and hate-speech. I'm asking him to provide evidence or links to any that he knows of. Keep in mind that in the comment below in italics, carlhowdy is responding to my dismissal of him because he has, up to this point, refused to answer a direct question and I have very little patience debating a three-year old.

I certainly agree that you may as well go on your way. You don't make sense, and all you are interesting in doing is to be insulting and abusive. That may make you feel good to wallow in your hate, but you obviously don't have anything of worth to add. Too bad that so many people have the same mindset. The country is already paying a big price because of people like you, and the future doesn't look good. You will find that hate in your heart will eventually make you sick and destroy you. I advise you to give it up. My neighbor is caught in the same kind of hate as you are, and she now has cancer, and after a year of chemotherapy, she is no better. Yet she sits and takes her dose of hate-mongering everyday from hate-radio. She still defends her hate, much the same as you do, and she denies that she hates anyone, but her body manifests otherwise. So take heed before you end up in the same trap.

So my question regarding evidence of conservative hate-speech or violence is being insulting and abusive and his neighbor has cancer and its hate-radio's fault? Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing hysterically. OK better now. Ya gotta admit, this is funny stuff.

Here's the thing; no one can be that stupid and still be a functioning member of society. It's just not possible. I'm beginning to think old carlhowdy is deliberately exhibiting blatant stupidity just to get a reaction from me that he can point to and say "See see, you do hate me." The left has people who do that. They're not the rabid, flag-burning leftist extremist, they're the calm reasonable one who, while rambling on and on about right wing hate radio, refuses to engage in a serious debate, and stays in your face uttering absolute absurdities until you, frustrated at this juvenile behavior, react with a stream of invectives and you wind up telling old carlhowdy to go have winged intercourse with a round mobile pastry. Then they have you on their level and they have won.

Stay frosty. Stay above the din and the rancor. If they know they can't get a reaction out of you, they will eventually reveal their true colors.

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