06 June 2012

Rift Builds Between Obama and Unions

Note: I have no issues with trade unions. I work directly with union welders, electricians and pipefitters all the time. Trade unions provide skilled workers who build quality and take pride in their accomplishments.

Public sector unions are unneccessary and dangerous. A data entry worker doesn't need a union to protect them. They just need to take responsibility for their own lives. A miner working 1,000 feet down needs protection. Public sector unions are not organized labor, they're organized crime.

Rift Builds Between Obama and Unions

Though public sector unions throughout the country broke their backs and piggy banks to win him the presidency in 2008, ever the calculating politician willing to throw his supporters under that over-crowded bus, Obama refused to show up and rally for the Wisconsin rank-and-file for fear a loss might give him a bad news cycle or two.
Judging by Michael Moore's re-Tweet below (and common sense), we're likely seeing the beginning of bad blood. Unions aren't happy about this, nor should they be:

God I hope so.

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