06 June 2007

This just SCREAMS for a caption

Original text from news story "Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards gestures at Google headquarters...."
That all by itself is hilarious...but, I think we can do better
Highlights from the column:

Even if you choose to dismiss the Democrats' own bumper stickers about how evil America is (from Gitmo to domestic spying) because you swallow their excuse that they are only criticizing the Bush administration, not America, then you'll still have to explain how they can insist that America has the burden of proving it is not immoral.
Democrats apparently believe we are not justified in taking military action to address evil in the world unless our national interest is not at stake, like in Darfur.

Frankly, I've had my fill of these people trashing America and everything good and decent for which it stands, asserting moral equivalence between us and the terrorist barbarians, denying there's a real war going on and contending we are not performing humanitarian deeds and engaged in a noble cause in Iraq -- in short, telling the world we're evil, then lamenting that we have acquired that reputation.
AMEN, Brother Dave, AMEN.

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