18 June 2007

I Don't Care If They're Legal or Not

All I want is a secure border and everyone paying their fair share, just like me.
The following is totally my personal opinion, from my persepctive as a non-union construction worker.

You want to solve the immigration problem? Forget it. It won't happen. As long as this country offers the freedom to succeed and prosper based on your own initiative, we will have people fighting to get here. As long as we have construction projects, we will have the need for workers.

My concern is not Hispanics who want to come here to work.
I have three words for them:
We have the work, and we need unskilled as well as skilled labor.

Make money, live free, obey the laws, pay your taxes, send as much money home as you want. You earned it, it's yours. Just like me.
Thats the beauty of America.

However, if you're here to cause trouble, hurt people, or otherwise act like an asshole, then I have two words:

My concern is the open border and the opportunity it presents for islamoassholene'erdowells
to come across with WMD's bent on the destruction of my home and the murder of my fellow citizens in the name of a false prophet who preferred little boys instead of full grown women.
You just know this guy was a flake and anyone who follows him is a bigger flake.

Seal the effing border, NOW!!!!!
Once that is done, we have one more little problem to address:
How do we make sure everyone pays their fair share?
Two Words....
Well actually four words:
National Retail Sales Tax or NRST.
Everyone has to live. Everyone has to buy stuff.
Let everyone keep every penny they earn, and collect taxes as they spend their money.

We have an underground economy in this country that is staggering in terms of cash flow;
and when I say CASH, I mean hard currency, not numbers on a balance sheet.
Trillions of dollars change hands every year that will never see the tax man or a savings account.
It will however buy gas, food, clothing, cars, boats, motorcycles, stereos, and TV's.

Start running the country like you're serious about security and paying down the debt.

Disclaimer - The above is the express opinion of a God fearin, USA lovin, military supportin, gun totin, conservative leanin, camo wearin, country listenin, nascar watchin, pickup truck drivin, blue collar, monogamous, heterosexual, former Marine, redneck, male.
No one says you have to agree.

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