09 June 2007

FDT Is the Right Man at the Right Time

The threat we face from islamofascists who will die to advance/force upon the rest of the world, their mis-guided religious beliefs is more serious than any threat this Nation, and the civilized world, has ever faced.

Communism, while it still exists in some rogue countries, (and in the minds of the moonbats and anti-war useful idiots as a pipe dream), has pretty much been proven a failure and cast on the ash heap of history. It no longer poses the threat it once seemed to pose. During the 50's we had numerous "sleeper agents" posing as Americans, living and working normal lives waiting for the glorious revolution to erupt so their handlers in Moscow could install a communist government.
Most of them found out over time that Amercia was actually a better place the way it was, and disappeared.

The enemy we now face will not be converted by the freedoms and opportunities our Nation provides. Our enemy now consists of individuals who have no rules, give no quarter, show no mercy. They will slaughter 100, 1,000, 10,000 "infidels", (thats us) without compunction, without remorse, and will sacrific their own worthless lives to accomplish that. They desire no land, no riches, no glory. They are not fighting for the right to live peacefully or to protect their country. They are not defending innocents against aggressors.

Their only goal is the elimination of Western Civilization and the establishment of a world religion using fear and murder as instruments of enforcement.

Fred D. Thompson understands the serious nature of this threat.
Fred D. Thompson will do the things necessary to counteract that threat.

Senator Thompson is not a politician. He has not devoted his life to politics or elections.
He has established himself as a man with conservative values. He speaks with the conviction and sincerity of a man who cares more for the future of his country, his children, and the world than his own.

The quote in the box is from Winston Churchill. It makes as much sense now, it is more poingant now, than when Churchill first spoke the words.
The sentence about the alligator has been attributed to Churchill, but I can't find a valid reference. It's an analogy about appeasement. Hitler was the alligator, and most of Parliment justed wanted to negotiate and appease Hitler, in the hopes he wouldn't come after Britain.
How'd that work out???? NOT TO GOOD!!!!!!

I believe that Senator Fred Thompson is my generation's Sir Winston Churchill.

Disclaimer - The above is the express opinion of a God fearing, USA loving, military supporting, gun toting, conservative leaning, camo wearing, country listening, nascar watching, pickup truck driving, blue collar, monogamous, heterosexual, former Marine, redneck, male. No one says you have to agree.

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