22 June 2007

My First Meeting With Young Republicans

at Black Finn resturant/bar was very enlightening and educational.
The young people I met tonight are dedicated, driven and for the most part, FDT supporters.

The high point was meeting Delegate Bill Janis, a former Marine, Navy veteran and graduate of VMI, and his lovely wife. (It's a good thing I'm spoken for, and have a few scruples.)

I have to say that I was very impressed with Mr Janis. My cynicism about politicians was muted somewhat. He is, IMAO, a good man, and has great taste in footwear.

Thank You Sir, for your service to our country, and your continued service to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Now I have to find a house in Goochland so I can vote for you, darn it.

I will be meeting with Goochland/Louisa Republicans this Tuesday.
Looking forward to meeting Nickfinity and others in "the country".
Picks and Pigs, Bro.

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