02 April 2007

WTC 7 OKC and Conspiracy Theories

Leftist nutjobs believe WTC 7 was brought down by explosives placed inside the building. This is patently absurd. Fire fueled by the diesel tanks for the back-up generators is what caused WTC 7 to collapse.

But here's the rub...leftist whackos believe fervrently that "BushCo" MIHOP ("made it happen on purpose") to justify a war with Iraq. They believe this as passionately as I believe that the klintoons caused the Oklahoma City bombing and blamed it on right wing talk radio.
There is ample evidence that people of Middle Eastern appearence were in OKC that morning. The FBI ignored it. Jayna Davis has written a book, titled The Third Terrorist. Evidence was ignored, people were dismissed as nutjobs or unreliable.

Retired Air Force General Benton Partin, an explosives expert, and a man of impeccable credentials, with a top-level security clearence, wrote a letter pleading with Congress to seal off the area, treat it as a crime scene, and open an investigation into the bombing. He was ignored. The debris from the Murrah Building was hauled away, buried in a landfill and put in "lockdown". No one can get to it, and the footprint of the building was filled in and covered over.

The fact is, both sides will believe the worst of the other side. Each side believes the other side will stoop to anything to further a political agenda. With the leftists, we KNOW they will lie to further their agenda. It's documented. Karl Marx states in the Communist Manifesto that it is OK to lie to further the socialist agenda. We see it every time we stand up against these ashats on the street, or read one of their rants on a lefist website or one of their "post and run" on a conservative website.

We'll never rally know who or what caused the OKC bombing. (Well, eventually we'll know, but it will be too late to do anything about it).
All that is hidden will be made known

I know one thing, right now, for sure: an airplane loaded with fuel, piloted by Middle Eastern terrorists, was flown into each of the WTC Towers. I saw it, my wife saw it, and so did about 20 million other people, AS IT HAPPENED. IN REAL TIME.

That's not guessing, its not conjecture, its a FACT. Those buildings fell as a result of that. That's a FACT. Fuel oil burns. That's a FACT. It burns hot enough to melt steel. That's a FACT.

Rosie O'Donnell is a whacked-out leftist nutjob who needs to STFU.

THAT'S A FACT!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: The above is the express opinion of a God fearing, conservative gun-toting, freedom loving, whiskey drinking, tobacco smoking, meat eating, heterosexual former Marine.
No one says you have to agree.

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