19 April 2007

No Draft, Not Now, Not Ever

For the past few days, the email circle I participate in has been kicking the idea of a draft around. While I can understand the sentiments expressed and the mindset that produced those sentiments, I have to say they are wrong. I say that with the deepest respect and admiration for these men, because every one of them has served this country, and continues to serve in some way, with honor and dedication. They are true Patriots, IMAO.

BUT!!! A draft is not the way to instill patriotism in young people today. It didn't instill patriotism, ie, a sense of national pride, in the 60's and 70's and it won't do it now.

What it will do is create an additional class of anti-war, anti-military types and put the men and women who really are our best and brightest, in harm's way.

What needs to happen right now, today, this minute, is this:

The politicians need to STFU, and let the military do the job it was trained to do, without ROE that handcuff our soldiers, and cause them to second guess any action taken in a free-fire zone under combat conditions.

The enemy have no ROE. We should do battle with them using their rules.

Disclamer: The above is the express opinion of a God-fearing, America loving, whiskey drinking, tobacco smoking, gun-toting, conservative, heterosexual, male former Marine. No one says you have to agree.


Anonymous said...

what happen to the protest warrior forums? I keep getting an error whe I try to log on.

ConcreteBob said...

PW Forums were shut down due to an infestation of trolls.
We now use blogs and the PW HQ to exchange thoughs and ideas.

ConcreteBob said...

Try Liberty Forum, and FreeRepublic.

BostonMaggie said...

So we have list our creds?

Let's see. "God-fearing,(yes) America loving,(enthusiastic YES) whiskey drinking, (is it Irish? then ok) tobacco smoking, (you have two weeks to stop that or you are not kissing me) gun-toting,(no, but 2nd amendment supporter) conservative, (the reddest little Bostonian you will ever meet)heterosexual,(trisexual - I'll try anything once) male (no.......but that's ok, isn't it?)former Marine (no, but Marines like me)."

Agreed a draft if it's just for the military is a bad idea. However, I do favor mandatory national service.

Citizen Deux said...

No draft. Increase the number of the armed forces, Austin Bay had a nice commentary on this recently.

Consolidate all the supported corps of the services, as Germany has. In other words, one medical / supply / legal / chaplaincy / etc. to serve all branches.

Contract non-combat related activites NOW. Some logistics, security etc.

Boost the career path for soldiers - retirement, benefits, housing choices, etc.

We already have less than 1% of the population protecting the nation - the military class exists. I am proud to be one of its members, but conscription doesn't work.