13 April 2007

Silky Pony Gives his Plan for Iraq

Well, the truth is really out now.

Silky Pony, aka the Breck Girl, has laid out his plan for defeat in Iraq and his plan to negotiate our surrender to the islamist extremist state sponsors of terrorism.

The former North Carolina senator, who was John Kerry's (who served in Viet Nam BTW), running mate in the 2004 presidential election, said he would immediately withdraw 40,000 to 50,000 of the 145,000 troops in Iraq and continue with a phased withdrawal over the next year. He also said he would talk with Iran, Syria and other Middle East countries about how to stabilize Iraq.

So, in other words, Silky Pony would immediately surrender upon taking the oath of office.
Whew, I'm glad we found out before the election.

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BostonMaggie said...

But he looked good saying it!