27 April 2007

How Do We Fight Back?

I started this yesterday, and then work got in the way. then I read Oliver North's op-ed piece which was just emailed to me. Now I'm gonna post this.

If the Democrats have their way, the chances are good that we'll be "taking it to the streets".
I don't mean we'll be marching with signs, or countering the moonbats. I mean we'll be fighting the islamist extremists here, on our ground, in our streets.
It might not happen the first year after all the troops leave Iraq, but most certainly within two years after that.

We'll become Israel.

The first few attacks will be written off as random attacks from lone crazies. Any connection to religious extremism will be played down. Then the real bombings will commence. Buildings, subways, bridges, tunnels, shopping malls. Then schools. There won't be any demands. There won't be any warnings.

Just dead Americans.

The only hostages will be the rest of the citizenry, living in constant fear that the next bomber, the next remotely-denotated device will be in THEIR neighborhood, or THEIR mall.

Disclaimer - The above is the express opinion of a God fearin, USA lovin, military supportin, gun totin, conservative leanin, camo wearin, country listenin, nascar watchin, pickup truck drivin, blue collar, monogamous, heterosexual, former marine, redneck, male. No one says you have to agree.

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