01 April 2007

Fred D. Thompson for President

Here it is, friends and neighbors. A link to a website to encourage former Senator Fred D. Thompson to run for President. Take a look; send a message.
We need this man.


OrdinaryColoradoan said...

If you want Fred Thompson news, give my blog a look. I don't make money, I don't run ads, I don't even have a hit meter so I can brag. I just want to get the info out there.


And despite the "Colorado" there its actually all national news at this point.

Phil Bailey said...


Like you we have a independent non-commercial site for Fred Thompson for President. http://www.AnotherRonaldReagan.com.

ConcreteBob said...

I just want tot take a minute and thank both of you for taking the time to look and to post. Senator Thompson is the one, IMAO. I'll link both of your sites from mine and see if our other site, United COnservatives of Virgina will do the same.

aslinn said...

Warrior...check out the draftfredthompson.com site. It's the most complete fred site on the web. They already have close to 12,000 signatures and over 2000 messages to Fred. Major Independent polls(gallup, Quinnepiac etc.)and off-site polls links are listed to vote in. You'll also find mission, team organizational(local & regional) and current news forums. Hope to see you there.