07 August 2009

sKerry and The Swimmer's State Have No Shame


Russell Patten Town Clerk
Eric Walker Chairman
Jill G Sullivan
Chairs---Board of Selectmen

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The politically correct, despicable, loathsome town of Swampscott, Massachusetts has declined to erect a monument in honor of Marine Lt. Jennifer Harris and US Army Specialist Jared Raymond who were KIA in Iraq because "it sends the wrong message! .

Not only is Swampscott tarred by this egregious dishonor, but the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is infested with unpatriotic, dishonorable, politically correct whacko's who despise the very existence of the US military who save their sorry asses from Islamo Fascists on a daily basis.

Just yesterday, the White House declared the "War on Terror" at an end. Really? Tell that to the families of the six service members who were KIA yesterday in Afghanistan.

Please take the time and use the above URL or phone number to make your sentiments known to those who would besmirch the memory and courage of our honored dead.

What else would you expect from the state of kennedy, kerry, etc.

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