30 August 2009


From The American Thinker

In the face of such aggressive liberal grasps for American liberties, the majority conservative base is now starting to wake up and jump off the fence. People who once rebuked the Minuteman protesters for going to the US/Mexican border to protest lax immigration enforcement in 2004 are now themselves going to town halls and organizing Tea Party protests of their own, and public opinion polls are now taking decided shifts into traditionally conservative directions.

In short, the American conservative base has been marshaled onto the political equivalent of Sun Tzu's death ground, and the ideological pawns are finding fewer paths of retreat from the advancing onslaught of the liberal agenda. Let us hope that this death ground empowers conservatives from both political parties to once again
become focused in their resolve not to be left out of the process.

As I write these words, we definitely find ourselves deep within the ranks of the liberal stronghold. There is no compromise now. The concept of common ground
is a luxury we can no longer afford. The die has been cast and the premise is being dictated to us now. This is death ground that only the force of will can return us from. It is time for the silent majority among us to stand and make their voices heard, because if we have learned nothing else from the past 15 years, it should be that silence is considered to be tacit approval by those in power, be they Democrat or Republican alike.

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