30 August 2009

Fairfax County Alert

Contact your County Superviser, your School Board Member, and Barbara Hunt at The Department of Communications and Community Outreach. Let them know you are extremely upset at Officer (School Cop) Cheeks storm trooper behavior.
The School Board Membership
A 12-member School Board is elected to four-year terms that are concurrent with the terms of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors; one School Board member represents each of nine magisterial (election) districts, and three members serve at large. The current School Board members’ terms expire on December 31, 2011.
A student representative, selected for a one-year term at a nominating convention conducted by the countywide Student Advisory Council, participates in discussions but does not vote.
*Chairman, Kathy L. Smith, 571-423-1085
*Vice-Chairman, Tessie Wilson, 571-423-1088
* Braddock District, Tessie Wilson, 571-423-1088
* Dranesville District, Jane K. Strauss, 571-423-1087
* Hunter Mill District, Stuart D. Gibson, 571-423-1082
* Lee District, Brad Center, 571-423-1081
* Mason District, Kaye Kory, 571-423-1083
* Mt. Vernon District, Daniel G. Storck, 571-423-1086
* Providence District, vacant, 571-423-1084
* Springfield District, Elizabeth T. Bradsher, 571-423-1080
* Sully District, Kathy L. Smith, 571-423-1085
* At-Large Member, Martina A. Hone, 571-423-1089
* At-Large Member, Ilryong Moon, 571-423-1090
* At-Large Member, James L. Raney, 571-423-1091

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