07 August 2009

Hawaii Tells CNN "We Don't Destroy Records"

Jon Klein, the president of CNN has spoken. Your efforts to demand that Barack Hussein Obama actually produce his birth certificate and prove to the American people that he is eligible to sit in the Oval Office... that he is not a fraud and a usurper... are "dead." According to Klein, "anyone who still is not convinced doesn't really have a legitimate beef." But Klein simply didn't keep that opinion to himself... as far as Klein is concerned, his opinion is the news.

According to TalkingPointsMemo.com (TPM), Klein had the audacity to send an e-mail to the CNN staff making an outrageous and totally bogus assertion. Essentially Klein claimed that Obama's actual birth certificate does not exist because the State of Hawaii destroyed it back in 2001:

Here's the relevant part of the e-mail:
"In 2001 - the state of Hawaii Health Department went paperless. Paper documents were discarded The official record of Obama's birth is now an official electronic record Janice Okubo, spokeswoman for the Health Department told the Honolulu Star Bulletin, 'At that time, all information for births from 1908 (on) was put into electronic files for consistent reporting,' she said."
And then, according to TPM, Klein essentially ordered CNN host Lou Dobbs to go on the air and repeat his outrageous fabrication:
Claiming that information contained in the email "seems to definitively answer the question," Klein issued the following directive: "Since the show's mission is for Lou to be the explainer and enlightener, he should be sure to cite this during your segment tonite. (sic)"
And Dobbs, who to his credit has taken Barack Hussein Obama to task for refusing to produce his birth certificate, ceded to his boss' wishes and reported the fabrication on the air that same night: "The state of Hawaii says it can't release a paper copy of the president's original birth certificate because they say the state government discarded the original document when the health department records went electronic some eight years ago. That explanation, however, has not satisfied some critics."
Of course, Klein's fabrication was so outrageous that even the State of Hawaii could not let it stand and Janice Okubo with the Hawaii Department of Health almost immediately issued a clarification: "I am not aware of any birth certificate records that have been destroyed by the department. When the department went electronic in 2001, vital records, whether in paper form or any other form, [were] maintained. We don't destroy records. ... Any records that we had in paper or any other form before 2001 are still in file within the department. We have not destroyed any vital statistics records that we have."
Of course, a number of news outlets took cues from CNN and repeated the fabrication and the extreme liberal blogosphere went crazy.
But you would be hard-pressed to find any coverage of Okubo's "clarification" anywhere. As far as the media was concerned, it didn't exist.
Unbelievable... but Klein's antics show that he (and other liberals in the media) are willing to go to any length... tell any lie... fabricate any story... to shield Barack Hussein Obama from any criticism.
Well, we have a message for Mr. Klein and the other liberals in the MSM. This story is not "dead" and the American people refuse to be silenced.
Tell Klein that it's time to stop distorting and start reporting.

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