01 July 2009

What If There Were No Premiums To Tax

I don't know if anyone at the zoo has really thought this healthcare thing through to its logical outcome assuming they go through with a tax on the value of the employer provided part of your health insurance premiums.

I predict a massive cancellation of insurance coverage by individuals who won't stand still for another tax increase. If you don't purchase the insurance through your employer, you can't be taxed.

I see citizens banding together to purchase health insurance off the books with after tax dollars, resulting in a decrease of the tax revenue these Marxists are counting on to pay for the government healthcare.

If you're like me, you pay for your part of healthcare coverage with after tax income. (I hate those FlexPay plans...) It's expensive, or can be, depending on your provider. Assuming our portion is 25% of the total premium, we could be taxed at an earned income rate on approximately $600 to $1,000 a month in income we never recieve. I have never paid enough in healthcare premiums to qualify for a deduction on the Schedule A form, so the money I spend on insurance and medical costs is mine.

We have the right to do whatever is legal to avoid paying taxes. I'm not going to pay any more in taxes than I have to and I sure as hell ain't gonna pay taxes on non-cash, unearned income. I'll cancel my coverage and stick that money somewhere useful.

I will go looking elsewhere.

I see healthcare co-ops in our future. Groups of like-minded individuals banding together, forming some sort of 501(c) corporation and issuing RFP's (Requests for Proposal) to healthcare providers. We let them compete for our business, the way the system was intended and keep government out of it, the way the system was intended.

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