06 July 2009

Lets Be Clear On Gov Palin

The ONLY people referring to her as a "quitter" are the ones employed by corporate media. The grassroots activists in the conservative movement, (yours truly included), could not be more tickled if we had feathers. (Notice how well I cleaned that up?)

Sarah Palin made what I believe is a career path decision after insuring that the transition of power in Alaska was as smooth as possible. She did everything exactly right.

Her "full-court press" analogy was a reference to the insidious and pernicious encroachment of our rights by a government that has been given free reign to pass any legislation, take down any private corporation, set wage levels for private jobs and stifle economic freedom and self-determination. She has decided she's in a position to help combat that situation and she's right.

Sarah Palin has a knowledge of energy recovery and production. Alaska has more oil and NG than we could use in 2 centuries. She knows where it is. She knows how to get it.

She is the governor of a state whose shoreline is still considered the front-lines of our National Security. The AK-ANG is on-duty 24/7/365 due to the state's proximity to Russia. The Alaska governor gets security briefings I doubt Joe Biden has clearance for.

Sarah Palin scares the hell out of the elites in this country because they know she is what you see. There are no pretensions, no illusions (or delusions) of grandeur, no sense of entitlement. She will do what is best for her family, which is by extension, what is best for my family, which by further extension, is what is best for the country.

She scares the hell out of some of the young people because they see their mother.

Sarah Palin, IMAO, is now the defacto head of the grassroots wing of the conservative movement.

Disclaimer: The above is the sole opinion of a NASCAR watching, gun-owning, pick-up truck driving, camo-wearing, Crown Royal drinking, heterosexual, former Marine male.
No one says you have to agree.

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