11 July 2009

It's Time To Stop Them

“House Democrats have finally made clear that they will fund their government takeover of health care by raising taxes on hard-working American families and small businesses in the midst of one of the worst recessions in recent memory. With unemployment nearing double digits nationwide, the last thing we need is a massive tax hike that will punish small businesses and cost even more American jobs.”
House Minority Leader John Boehner

Would anyone mind if I pointed out the obvious AGAIN?

Dhimmicrats are deliberatley undermining the economic and national security of America. They have no intention of stopping. They have the votes to pass any piece of legislation they choose, anytime they want. Most of what they are doing is outside the scope of their Constitutionally mandated authority.

If they were serious about helping Americans, the first step would be to lift the restrictions on offshore drilling and allow American oil companies to build refineries.

Second, lift the restrictions on domestic drilling inside the borders. Start pumping the oil and gas we own. We need to stop buying oil and begin selling it.

Third, cut the capital gains tax rate in half and make it permanent.

Fourth, eliminate Federal witholding on income and begin the process of instituting a flat tax/fair tax.

But, we all know the dhimmicrats don't give an FRA about ordinary Americans.
They demonstrate that every day.

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