01 July 2009

More :Little Known Facts About SEIU

Glenn is preparing to put the Service Employees International Union in the spotlight. Its about damn time somebody informed America about this pernicious bunch of leftist vermin.

Let me tell you what else SEIU does...

In March of 2005 Code Pink set up their death vigil at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, in Washington DC, under the guise of "concern for the wounded". Their justification was the Bush administration was "sneaking" wounded soldiers from the Iraq theater into Walter Reed under the cover of darkness so "Amrica wouldn't find out how many soldiers were actually being wounded."

They lined the sidewalk along Georgia Ave at the Main Gate in front of the hospital on Friday nights with flag-draped coffins and held signs which proclaimed "Your Son Was Maimed for a Lie"; "Sign Up Here To Die For Halliburton".

I have a ton of stories from wounded soldiers and their families who told me in no uncertain terms that they hated these people and wanted them gone. Imagine going to visit your loved one in an Army hospital on Friday night and having to endure a bunch of anti-war, anti-military protesters. A few Blue Star Moms almost went to jail over this.

SEIU provided "boots on the ground" for the marxist hags from code pink because no one really wanted to set up a war protest in front of an Army hospital filled with soldiers hurt in that war.
They also recruited homeless people and what I can only describe as "thugs" to intimidate the growing counter-protest organized by the DC Chapter of Free Republic.

(The story begins here) This link will take you to a post from March 29, 2005 on freerepublic.

(The story continues here) this is from March 30, 2005

This link is the one that made history. January 21, 2006

and if you scroll down this page, on the right side there are links with the tag "Shameless Self Promotion". Just saying. (Hint: Michelle Malkin) Andi's doesn't work anymore.

According to some of the "participants" we have managed to speak with, SEIU requires it's members to take part in this demonstration. They are still there, in significantly reduced numbers, half a block down from the Main Gate. They still think their presence is good for the morale of the wounded.

They are idiots and Marxists and loathe our military and have no regard for Duty, Honor, or Country.

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