21 October 2007

What Will You Do For Them?

H/T TankerBabe

Please use the USCavalry link to the right when ordering items for the troops.

The 173rd Brigade, 2nd Battalion 503rd Infantry (Airborne) “The Rock” from Vicenza, Italy has about 800 Soldiers currently deployed to Kunar Province, Afghanistan. This is the second rotation to that location for this Battalion. They were there in 2005-2006. Since they arrived in May of this year they have had more casualties than they did in their entire last deployment there and they have about ten months left to go including the harsh winter that is rapidly approaching.....

Most of the Soldiers are at Combat Outposts or Firebases so remote they have no communication ability with family and friends except once every 4-6 weeks when they are able to get to Camp Blessing or the KOP for a day or two to shower, sleep, eat a hot meal and call or email home IF there is no black out on communications. Most of these men are single and those who are married have their families back in Italy. They are in dire need of some essentials to make it through the winter. Essentials such as long johns, wool hiking socks, balaclavas, hand warmers, fleece neck scarves, ceramic heaters, etc.

These Soldiers have their supplies air dropped to them and must hike 40 minutes to an hour each way to retrieve their supplies. IF it is safe enough they generally only get drops twice a month. Recently there were so many fire fights the drops were suspended for three weeks. Mail must be, literally, carried out of the Firebases and the KOP and can take up to 2 months to be delivered.

We have been in contact with a handful of the Soldiers at Camp Blessing and also with the FRG is Italy. The following items are ones we know they need. We are asking you if there is any way you can assist us in securing these items:

1600 pair of long johns (sizes medium and large) – dark colors
800 balaclavas – Example here USCav
800 neck gaitors – Example here USCav
Cases of hand and foot warmers
Cases of unscented baby/body wipes
Wool hiking socks
Ceramic heaters – for use when they run the generators a few hours each day
Fleece blankets

If there is ANYTHING you can do on behalf of these Soldiers we will be so appreciative.


Anonymous said...

Where do we send items for these troops?

ConcreteBob said...

Well, if you leave a valid email address you might find out. We don't hand out addresses to anonymous posters.