10 October 2007

Free Speech for Me, Not For Thee Part Deux

The dhimmicrats in Congress and the communist enabling terrorist loving moveon dot ogres, with the help of the left wing media are gunning for conservatives and want to take away or regulate our freedom of speech, thought, expression. religion. dissent, and redress of greivances.

These are MY RIGHTS as an American citizen. They are enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They are not negotiable.

Here's MY Message to all of the Stalinists in Congress, in the media, and the moonbat marxist commie loving, terrorist enabling assclowns I see on the streets burning American flags and chanting "Death to America":

MOLON LAUBE!!!!!!!!!

New Media Alliance

Congressman Waxman Implements First Step to Shut Down Talk Radio
by Sher Zieve

Democrats claim to love free speech—but, only free speech from their side of the house. California leftist Congressman Henry Waxman knows that all too well and is now using his 50 person investigative team to monitor conservative private citizens with talk-radio programs. Dissent with the liberal and leftist viewpoint will no longer be tolerated and the Democrat-run Congress has begun efforts to shut it down. And it is starting with Talk Radio.

Rep. Waxman, also the chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government, is using his ‘color of authority’ to intimidate and attempt to silence private citizens—make that conservative private citizens. He has instructed his “investigators” to monitor the programs of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin for “content”, the American Spectator’s Prowler reports. Presumably if Waxman doesn’t like said content (he hasn’t in the past so no doubt he’ll hate it now), the three will be hauled before a Congressional committee, grilled about their “inappropriate” ideas and the stations carrying their programs will be threatened by the leftist Democrat Industrial Complex. Then, in a fashion that would make dictator and genocidist Joseph Stalin proud, the grilled would be advised the reinstated “Unfairness Doctrine” requires that they present the leftist point of view—or their programs will be canceled. Further presumably, if Waxman is successful in implementing the rest of his brown-shirt Gestapo tactics, the days of conservative writers will also be numbered. Either you support the Democrat Fuehrer or you will be sent to reeducation camps—or worse.

The Russian purges—affected by Stalin—may soon have everything in common with the Democrats’ attempt to eradicate conservative speech—and thought. If you believe that free speech applies to everyone in the USA—including conservatives—I strongly suggest you contact one of Waxman’s numbers, listed below, and let him know. Then, contact your own Senators and Congress people and tell them that a government campaign against US citizen opposition viewpoints is unconstitutional—and to date illegal.
If we don’t act now, the knocks from government officials on your own doors will be next. Don’t think that it can’t happen here. It can, it will and the plans are already in process of being implemented. And it won’t take long to occur. The infrastructure is already in place. The NAU is being implemented and North Carolina appears to be the first state issuing its drivers licenses. The only way we can save the union of USA states is to fight for it. Otherwise, welcome yourselves to Stalinistic Canunitedstamex.
As it is, it’s almost here—officially.

Waxman Contact info:
Washington D.C.:

(202) 225-3976 (phone)
(202) 225-4099 (fax)

In Los Angeles:

(323) 651-1040 (phone)
(818) 878-7400 (phone)
(310) 652-3095 (phone)
(323) 655-0502 (fax)






Leta said...

Calling AND emailing my Congressional members TOMORROW. Will also call Waxman's office then sanitize my phone

AW1 Tim said...


There is an ancient and honorable method to deal with these currs and jacobins who would deny us our right. Treat them to a warm coat of tar and feathers and "liberaly" apply it. Then send them packing by giving them a ride on a rail to the nearest train station.

These bastards need to understand that they may NEVER trade our rights for their political power, that these rights are God-given and reaffirmed via our Constitution, and will be guarded with our very lives if needs be.

A pox on all their houses who would dare to place themselves above the citizenry and the Constitution.