25 October 2007

From TankerBabe

UPDATE:FredThompson supporters are stepping up and taking care of these brave Warriors. Thanks to my friends OP and CG for the help. Should we issue a challenge?

The donations of items continue to arrive and we are thankful for every item you all are sending. All items received as of last Saturday have been turned around and shipped to Afghanistan. I've received a few more emails indicating that I should be receiving more packages in the next few days. We still need MORE! Lots more. For anyone who has been thinking about making a donation please do so this week. Winter is going to be harsh for the Soldiers at the Combat Outpost, Firebases and the Observation Points.

Remember this photo? Standing Watch in Afghanistan
Can you honestly imagine what it would be like to have to spend an hour or two in that position - exposed to the elements AND keeping watch for the enemy? Now imagine having to do so for a few DAYS at a time. We have GOT to get these warm weather cloths to these Soldiers SOON. Spread the word. Get your churches, civil clubs, neighbors, schools, etc involved. We CAN do this together for these Warriors.

Consider clicking on the U S Cavalry icon and ordering some long johns, balaclavas or neck gaitors. By utilizing the link to U S Cavalry on this site, you will also be making a donation to one of many military charities. U S Cavalry donates a portion of the sale back to the bloggers who, in turn, donate those monies to military charities. Talk about a WINNING combination! If you would prefer to purchase items of similar type somewhere else that's fantastic. Links below are offered as a means to make it a bit easier for you to CLICK RIGHT NOW to make your donation.

Three of the items we are still in need of can be purchased at U S Cavalry.
They are:

1600 pair of long johns - Item # 30373(Tops)/30367 (Bottoms) Sizes Med

800 balaclavas – Item # 30365

800 neck gaitors - Item # 27115

BassProShops has a balaclava (Item #38-865-912-29) with pockets for inserting chemical warmers...Pretty cool (ah, warm)...click the image and help Soldiers Angels while you keep our brave soldiers warm and comfy.

BassProShops also has ECWCS (Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System)

Item #38-794-600-02 Bottoms

Item #38-794-599-02 Tops

Address for shipping:
1 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Many thanks to all of you who have called, emailed and sent items. You are truly great Americans and your hearts are huge.
For those of you who haven't sent a contribution/donation yet there's no time like the present.
Update with specific figures of items received this week will be posted on Saturday.

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