04 January 2007

Sons of the '60's

From the January 2007 Limbaugh Letter
Now that the Democratic Party is in the driver's seat, the Flower-Power retreads from the "Hell no we won't go" era will be steering Congress. The Wall Street Journal warns about "the Great Society liberals who will soon run most House committees. Henry Waxman, David Obey, Pete Stark, Ed Markey, John Conyers, Barney Frank. These are the sons of the Sixties who helped drive the Carter and Clinton Presidencies off a cliff." (Reps. Obey [D,WI] and Conyers [D,MI] have actually been in the House since the 60's.)
This bunch has over 203 years of hyper-liberal congressional malfeasance --- I mean, service --- among them. Five of these six Committee-Chair geezers are members of the far-left Progressive Caucus. Rep. Fortney "Pete" Stark (D,CA) is so liberal he penned an article in the commie-rag Nation magazine titled "Medicare For All", flat-out advocating socialized medicine ("Medicare has shown us the power of simplicity; we need only expand its promise to the rest of our population"). Rep. Conyers has stuffed legal documents in his Batman utility belt, waiting for the "Impeach Bush" signal. Rep. Ed Markey (D,MA) blogs on the leftwing Huffington Post and writes op-eds with titles like "To Begin With, Bush Isn't King." Rep. Henry "Nostrilitis" Waxman (D,CA) has already announced that "the most difficult thing will be to pick and choose" which subpoenas to throw at the Bush Administration. Rep. Obey has his priorities: "For the cost of less than two and a half months of the Iraq war, we could cover the annual cost of renewing America's wastewater infrastructure." And Barney Frank (D,MA)...well, let's just say the "Summer of Love" once operated out of his basement.
My friends, what have I told you about the baby boomers? They believe they're entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want it. (They weren't called tyhe "Now" generation for nothing.) They've been out of power for 12 years, and they can't wait to tax and spend like Johnson, bend over and grab the ankles for our enemies like Carter, and loathe the military like the Clintons.
On Dec. 11, Rep Stark, ranked by the non-partisan National Journal as the most liberal member of the House in 2005 -- yes, even more left than moonbat Cynthia McKinney -- declared:"The [Democratic] leadership is going to propose the middle ground and I'm going to support it."
Who are trying to kid, Fortney?
We all know you can't wait to show your true tie-dyed colors.

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