06 January 2007

UPDATE - Leftist Moonbat Now Locked-Up in Federal Prison for Hacking into Protest Warrior Website

Jeremy Hammond from Chicago is now incarcerated in federal prison for illegally accessing the Web site of a conservative political activist group and downloading the credit-card numbers of thousands of its members.

Hammond plotted to use the credit cards to make donations to humanitarian and charity groups opposed by the Protest Warrior Web site into which he hacked.

During the course of the investigation, ProtestWarrior intercepted a number of chat logs between Hammond and his anarchist cohorts. The logs include detailed plots to charge millions of dollars in fraudulent transactions, to publish personal and financial details of political activists, and to execute similar attacks on other conservative websites.

At the website he started (hackthissite.org), his hacktivist minions are vowing revenge on the FBI and Protest Warrior.
(HT JoyJoyfromNJ)

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