31 December 2006

"Ambush at the River of Secrets"

CNN will run a one hour special on the Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees show entitled “Ambush at the River of Secrets”. This is a memorial to Jonathan Bowling, Karl Linn, Chris Weaver and Jesse Strong of the 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, Charlie Company of Lynchburg, VA who were lost 1/26/2005 in Haqlaniyah (near Haditha). According to the producer, Amanda Townsend, it will probably air on Tuesday, January 2nd. (It may show again, possibly on 1/26.)
(HT to USMCPop)

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Flanders Fields said...

Hello Concrete,
I was trying to track down some info on the protest warriors when I came across your site. You are doing a good job. Keep it up.

The PW site seems to be up, but I can't get into forums or anything. I like the message and concept and want to explore it more. Conservatives need to network and engage in activism(lets call it Americanism). I had not been to PW before and just came across the manifesto.

Your profile doesn't show, but I suspect there is a marine around. Semper Fi! from one to another.

Drop by my site if you get a chance. It is new, and my nerdiness is not the computer literate kind, but I'm trying. It is: http://myflandersfields.blogspot.com/

I look forward to CNN having ANYTHING on that is pro-American or pro-military. Their European coverage is almost as bad as their US coverage.