27 December 2006

Going to do better in 07

I am supposed to receive email notfication when a comment is submitted.
So much for technology.
To everyone who posted a comment worth reading, or asked a question, or raised their hand, Thank You for taking the time to visit.
To the asshats who wrote the dumb posts, you should Thank God you live in a country that allows you to be as stupid as you want to be and no one can bitch slap you for it.

A bit of news to report;
Swampy will be reporting to Parris Island, South Carolina in June of 2007.
Thats right, friends and neighbors, the Marine Corps has finally come to it's senses and recognized the valuable asset those of us who know her have always seen.
I'll have a few observations regarding this young lady later this week.

Good Luck Swampy
We look forward to intermittent postings, interrupted by 10 mile runs at 0500.

We have a new contributor on our blog.
I have granted posting privileges to my son; (who also has a MySpace page, which is entitled, "How MySpace Will be the Downfall of Western Civilzation".)
4 years of high school, 4 years of college. A degree in psychology.
We'll see how this works out.

I will do better with this blog in 2007.

For those of you who asked, the PW websites (HQ & Main Page) appear to be back up and running. Never did hear what the problem was, if indeed there was a problem.

Wayne, you will be linked from this page, as will anyone who has a website worth our time.

Hope everyone had a really great Christmas, and I'm looking forward to 2007.
We'll try to make it as interesting as 2006.


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